They’ve captured our institutions. Now what?

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know if you saw it on our social channels yesterday (if you’re not following The Tuttle Twins, you should be!) but I was cracking up remembering an old Babylon Bee headline that read, “Study Shows Kids Who Are Homeschooled Could Miss Out On Opportunity To Be A Gay Communist

The folks at The Bee are satirists so of course they were being a little cheeky but, just like all satire, there’s a grain of truth to what they said.

I made the point yesterday that schools really have become indoctrination centers for agenda-driven administrators and activist teachers.

I know a lot of teachers, and many of the good ones are leaving the profession because they, like John Taylor Gatto before them, don’t want to participate in hurting kids anymore.

The good news here is that the market continues to provide, and these good teachers who are leaving public ed are finding great opportunities to continue teaching and helping kids through microschools, charter schools, co-ops, and a plethora of education innovations.

I’ve been tracking the trajectory of the education system for a pretty long time so its current state isn’t a surprise to me, but I got to thinking about how other societal institutions have been likewise infiltrated by the woke activist mob.

My thought experiment led me to the (highly unscientific) conclusion that nearly every institution has been captured by these people.

Sure there are varying degrees of capture, but check out this list of groups and orgs I’m fairly sure are run at their highest levels by people who are pretty far “left” of their base:

  • school boards
  • city councils
  • colleges
  • youth organizations
  • local government
  • state government
  • churches
  • nonprofits
  • news outlets
  • corporations/brands
  • banking/finance

What did I miss?

I mean, that’s a lot of woke, and I don’t see any indicators that there is going to be a course correction for most of these any time soon.

So what do we do?

I mean, the answer can’t just be that we lose and the crazies get to tell us all how to live and think from now on just because they carefully plotted and executed the capture of society while we were all busy building business, volunteering in our communities, and raising our families.

It sounds overly simple, but I think the free market is the answer.

I know a lot of people think that the way to fight this is to take back what’s been lost. Many people think we can vote our way out of this—that if we just get the right people elevated to the right positions then we’ll be able to turn the car around before it drives off the cliff.

Maybe in some cases that will work. Our efforts at Libertas Institute are focused on doing the hard work to change bad laws and pave a course for the people of Utah toward individual and economic freedom. It’s absolutely a worthwhile effort, and we are seeing real progress.

But more and more I think that the best way to fight against the nihilists and commies is to build alternatives to the institutions they’re hell-bent on destroying.

It’s what is happening in education, and the results there have been really encouraging.


It’s also what we’ve done with Tuttle Twins TV.

We were sick of kids shows that perpetuated the woke agenda and crammed harmful messaging down kids’ throats in the name of entertainment. So we did something about it!

We created an alternative, and I’m pretty stoked to say it’s been a huge success!

In fact, Season 2 premiers a little later today, and I’d really love it if you would join us at 4pm PT TODAY for Episode 1, “Needs, Rights and Flamingo Fights.”

The episode will feature John Locke and his writings about natural rights. It’s going to be awesome.

The mob may have gotten the upper hand when they took us by surprise, but I know they’re not going to win. There are too many parents, educators, business owners, and entrepreneurs who aren’t willing to just let their futures (and their kids’ futures!) be stolen by people who hate goodness, equality, prosperity, and liberty.

We’re getting busy building the world we want to live in. And we’re gonna win.

See you in a few hours!

— Connor

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