There Will Always be Another Variant

Have we learned our lesson yet?

With a new “Delta Variant” Covid strain already stoking up fear online and on TV, I’d sure hope so.

Right now, we’re standing at a unique crossroads. With one pandemic fading into history, and a repeat looming ahead, it’s a good time to stop and think about what we’ve just experienced… and whether we want to do it all again.

Let’s start with masks.

First, we were told (by Fauci himself) that we shouldn’t wear them because they don’t work. Then, a change of tune: yes, we should wear them. Then, the rules change. We must mask up or we can’t do business or be in public. Very quickly, we’re evil and cruel if we don’t wear one. We just want people to die, obviously. Our maskless two-year-olds are walking (or toddling) death threats.

And that’s only one issue. You don’t need me to tell you about preexisting conditions, death rates, case reporting, and vaccine passports to know that the establishment has been dishonest with us across the board. They’ve manipulated our fear to control us.

But there’s a broader theme at play, far more important and dangerous than the virus and the lockdowns.

Throughout history, one thing has been proven true time and time again. The government will always try to grow its power over us in times of hardship. And it has no problem lying to us to make that happen. (Just look at Fauci’s leaked emails…)

This isn’t unique to America, it’s unique to power.

Government bloat starts to happen with intentions that sound nice enough (and temporary enough), at least on a surface level. This is how they get people to be okay with giving important things up…. like time with family, our kids’ education, and our livelihoods.

But when people like me and you start to ask questions and pump the brakes, we’re quickly demonized by the mainstream. We’re not seen as skeptics or free thinkers—no, we’re just “grandma killers.”

This cultural tendency to demonize dissent, coupled with a power-hungry government, makes a toxic cocktail. Blind trust in tyrants is as dangerous as the tyranny itself because it enables those who wish to exploit us.

Blind trust is how you wind up with one-third of American small businesses closing permanently in less than two years.

It wasn’t just the government’s shutdowns to blame for these local businesses failing. It was the fear of social retaliation for their potential customers, who would rather stay locked inside than be seen as “insensitive” or “anti-science” for enjoying a moment of normalcy.

You’ve likely seen this happen in your own online feed: for months on end, the social media gestapo has convinced millions of people that it is selfish and inexcusable to eat a meal at a restaurant, have friends over to your home, or patronize a local business, simply because there’s a virus going around.

This combination of government tyranny and groupthink are to blame for setting back an entire generation of schoolchildren socially, developmentally, and academically. And let’s say it: this is to blame for the dramatic spike in mental health problems and suicide among our children.

I don’t recount all of this to depress you. But the crimes against our families and our country are too serious to skirt around. It’s time to name names.

If we’re not careful today, we will go back to where we started (or worse) in no time. Trust me, the politicians in control would love to take us there.

We all have the right to live free of government oppression and obstruction. That’s not some gift given to us by Congress or our governors or our local police. Our liberties are given by our Creator, and merely recognized in our Constitution.

But these rights mean nothing if people don’t care about them… or lose their ability to stand up when they’re being threatened by power-hungry tyrants. It’s a two-front battle we’re fighting, and it’s every bit cultural as it is political.

It’s not enough to just fight back against the government encroaching on our lives, though that’s important. We need to actively teach the next generation that there will always be an excuse… a “variant” for every occasion. And that no matter the social pressure, we shouldn’t give our freedom away.

That’s precisely why I wrote The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis, our latest children’s book. This new title paints a picture of how the government has grown its power and harmed us by exploiting our fear.

It teaches kids that from the Great Depression, to WWII, to 9/11, to the banking crisis of 2008… there has always been a nice-sounding reason to give up our liberties for the “greater good.” And that none of these reasons are actually good enough. They’re simply variants of the same old excuses to take advantage of us.

We shouldn’t be hopeless about the future. Kids like mine and yours hold the key to stopping this runaway train, if we can just teach them the truth.

Public schools won’t do it, the media won’t do it, and the government sure won’t do it…. They’re too busy getting us all worked up about the next super-deadly virus.

So join me. Let’s save our future by investing in our children.

Until next time…


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