The Unions Are Holding Your Child’s Education Hostage

We now have a vaccine, and whether or not you make the individual choice to take it, it’s pretty clear to most people that the elderly and frontline health care workers should be first to receive the vaccine if they choose to. However, a teachers union in Chicago disagrees with this. The teachers union demanded that they be given the first priority in line, or schools would not be open — the union is holding the education of the children in their school system hostage.  

But the problem is, even after they were allowed to skip ahead of the elderly, the teachers union is still demanding to stay at home until there are no new cases for two weeks. One could argue that they are doing this at the consensus of the teachers for the protection of the students. The only problem with that is that every study shows that students are one of the least likely groups to spread the virus. And tons of individual teachers disagree with these demands.

Teachers can be really important in a child’s life, and a lot of teachers disagree with the ridiculous demands that the union is insisting on. The blame really should be on government overreach. When they mandate participation in unions, unions are given the power to lobby for themselves instead of the best interests of their members, the students, or the taxpayers that pay their salaries.

And that is the problem with the government being so heavily involved in your child’s education. They can play keep-away with your child’s education, and when the government decides to grant that back to your child, the unions that they have mandated teachers belong to can rip the metaphorical rug out from underneath your child.

That’s why teachers unions are so vehemently against school choice. It allows parents to choose the best path of education, which takes the union’s ability to be the “gatekeepers” of education away from them.

In The Tuttle Twins and the Education Vacation, Ethan, Emily, and their parents decide to put their education into their own hands. They soon learn education works best when we have the freedom to discover our interests and develop our abilities, rather than being shaped into what somebody else wants.

I’m tired of the government playing keep-away with my rights, and I will not allow them to do that with my child’s education. That’s why I created the Tuttle Twins series, to be a resource for parents outside of the public school system.

In a political tug-of-war between entrenched interests, it’s critical that we parents take it upon ourselves to look out for our children’s best interests—because no one else cares for them like we do.

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