What Does Socialism Mean?

I imagine that subject line comes as a surprise, but hear me out.

After seeing how awesome socialism has worked for other countries throughout history, future books we publish will have the Tuttle Twinsbecome Marxists. Emily and Ethan will abandon their love of freedom, and aspire to join the“Squad” in their adventures to mobilize America’s “woke” mob.

No more capitalist success stories. No more praising the “free market” and its “solutions.” No more personal liberty. It’s time to let the government take control. After all, politicians are better at making decisions than regular people…


Did I get ya? (Nah, you’re smarter than that…)

Chances are, that gag only worked on you if you forgot it’s April Fool’s Day. Or maybe you just thought I was crazy!

In any case, I’m not sure exactly why this “holiday” exists, but since it’s all about getting duped and looking silly, it’s a perfect day to talk about socialism (which is really silly and has duped far too many).

In the last few years, we’ve seen modern-day “democratic” socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC try to do all kinds of crazy things that you’d think were a joke.

First, there was talk of student loan “cancellation.”

Then, the push for “cancelling rent and mortgages.”

And, of course, the constant rally for government-run, socialized healthcare. (No word yet from Venezuela on whether that’s a good idea…)

But even crazier than these ideas? The fact that people are buying them. Most of all, young people. They sure do love them some Marxism, when it’s wrapped up nice and pretty with a “democratic” bow.

On one hand, we could mock these young folks for thinking a socialist millionaire with three houses (who has been a politician his whole life) isn’t a hypocrite.

Or for idolizing a Congresswoman who believes that climate change is going to destroy the world in 12 years, and that “unemployment is only low because people are working two jobs.”

But because I happen to care about the fate of this country, I propose we take a slightly more generous approach: teaching the next generation better than we did Millennials and Gen Z.

You probably don’t worry too much about your own kids getting a taste for socialism. After all, they’re your kids. They’d never be so silly, right?

Sadly, your kids are actually taught to embrace socialism in a lot of different ways. From school, to children’s books and media, to the culture at large, kids are the #1 target of the far-left crowd.

To help your family navigate all of that craziness, I wrote an e-book. It’s called Subtle Ways Your Kids Are Taught to Embrace Socialism. It teaches kids to be wary of socialism, by identifying the little ways our world tries to push it on them, day to day.

I can’t promise that this book alone will prevent your child from growing into an iPhone-using, Starbucks-drinking “Anti-Capitalist” wearing Che Guevara t-shirts… but it’s a great step in the right direction.

It’s on us as parents to teach our kids to look past candy-coated policies and philosophies, and into the world of reality and consequence. And that’s exactly what the Tuttle Twins series is here to help with.

Your dinner conversations are about to get a lot more interesting…


Want More?

The Tuttle Twins children’s book series is read by hundreds of thousands of families across the country, and nearly a million books (in a dozen languages!) are teaching children like yours about the ideas of a free society.

Textbooks don’t teach this; schools don’t mention it.

It’s up to you—and our books can help. Check out the Tuttle Twins books to see if they’re a fit for your family!