The IRS Auditing Army Grows by 87,000

Yesterday, the U.S. House passed a bill called the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

You’d think that would mean that we’re finally shutting down the Federal Reserve (AKA, the Creature from Jekyll Island) or cutting government spending. But you would be wrong.

Unfortunately, the names of congressional bills almost never convey the legislation’s actual meaning… Patriot Act, anyone? Build Back Better? Green New Deal?

In fact, the “inflation reduction act” is more likely to get your family audited by the IRS than it is to make your groceries and gas cost any less.

The bill, which just cleared Congress and is now headed for Biden’s desk, just confirmed “climate” spending, a raise in taxes, and funding for 87,000 new IRS Agents. Even worse? These thousands of new jobs are being added specifically to audit more people. 

As Twitter user Hannah Cox astutely noted, there are only 727 billionaires in the United States. It doesn’t take 87,000 government agents to keep up with them. Make no mistake: with this hiring spree, the IRS has you and I in its sights.

But how can we know that for certain? It sounds kinda crazy to assume “Middle Class” joe would be coming for normal families…

Well, for starters, there was an amendment proposed that would have ensured families earning under $400,000 per year wouldn’t be targeted by audits. Every Democrat in the Senate voted against it. It failed.

In fact, new data revealed earlier this year actually found that the poor are 5 times more likely (!) to get audited than everyone else!

“Tax the rich” has officially turned into “tax everyone like they’re rich… and shake them down like criminals until you get every penny.” It’s Sherriff Nottingham on steroids. 

And how do the government apologists try and excuse this horrific abuse of power?

“They’re only going after people breaking the law. If you have nothing to hide, you’ll be fine!” 

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the exact same argument we heard from Deep State apologists when the Patriot Act was passed, giving the government the ability to spy on its own people without a warrant. No matter the application, the logic couldn’t be more wrong.

History has shown us time and time again that when the government has the power to deprive people of their privacy, their money, or their other God-given liberties without cause, it will always do so to preserve its own power.

Remember the massive Obama-era scandal in which conservative nonprofits and their employees were targeted by politically-motivated IRS audits? I sure do!

Now, with political tensions and suspicion of citizens far higher, I’m sure nothing could go wrong with an auditing force the size of a literal army… And this job description on their careers page.

Our federal government was never meant to be some kind of financial police force. But somehow, we’ve allowed it to grow into a seemingly untameable monster.

This phenomenon of a monstrous, ever-growing government is described aptly in Robert Higgs’ book, Crisis and Leviathan. It’s an excellent read if you ever ask yourself, “how the heck did we let government control get to this point?”

Reading books like Leviathan is crucial to understanding the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, and maybe even figuring out how to fix it. But political theory isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

This is why I wrote The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis. It’s a kid-friendly adaptation of Higgs’ brilliant commentary on big government. Through a fun and engaging story that doesn’t skimp on the important ideas, you can help your kids understand the past mistakes that led to our current problems.

Pick up your copy today, and join millions of fed-up parents raising kids who know better.

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