The Great Reset is a Great Big Problem

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First off, I want to send out a huge “thank you” to everyone who made our big sale last week so successful. It’s one of the best responses we’ve ever had to a sale, and I know we owe a great deal of its success to all of our awesome readers and social media followers who shared our emails and posts. I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it: We have one of the best “fan bases” out there and I know how lucky we are. You guys are awesome!

I also happen to think that our readers are some of the smartest folks around, which is why I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in a lot of the realizations that I’m coming to.

About a month ago, I wrote about the IMF and World Economic Forum and their creepy Great Reset. Back then, not many people were even aware that the leaders of business and finance around the globe were talking about how they could use COVID-19 to help usher in their plans for what essentially amounts to a new world order.

I don’t want to sound too dystopian—but it’s true. Here’s a little peek at what the outline for their upcoming summit looks like:

The Great Reset: A Unique Twin Summit to Begin 2021

– “The Great Reset” will be the theme of a unique twin summit in January 2021, convened by the World Economic Forum.

– “The Great Reset” is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.

– It requires a new social contract centred on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.

– The global health crisis has laid bare longstanding ruptures in our economies and societies, and created a social crisis that urgently requires decent, meaningful jobs.

– The twin summit will be both in-person and virtual, connecting key global governmental and business leaders in Davos with a global multistakeholder network in 400 cities around the world for a forward-oriented dialogue driven by the younger generation.

Yeah. The whole thing seriously has “New World Order” written all over it. Yuck.

Now that a little time has passed, I’m starting to hear The Great Reset talked about a little more, but the truth is, the “elite” have been talking about it for quite some time already. Heck, the head of the IMF has been hashtagging #TheGreatReset for months, and just this morning I saw a video of Tom Hanks delivering some type of virtual commencement address back in June where he talked about The Great Reset (among other equally dystopian-sounding things).

For months now, people have been saying of the COVID-19 pandemic (now epidemic), “Just wait until after the election. It will all go away then.” I’ve heard this dozens of times and see it frequently in social media posts, but here’s the thing—I don’t think it’s true at all. I almost wish it were true, because that would mean that all of the damage caused by lockdowns and freedom-limiting restrictions could be filed under “the polarization and insanity of American politics,” or something like that.

But this, I believe, is a lot bigger than anything to do with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s bigger than “the most important election of our lifetimes” (as every election is absurdly called).

Last week I read that the head of the CDC estimates that up to 60 million Americans have or have already had COVID-19. He said,

“I think if you’re going to do a crude estimate, somewhere between 30 and 60 million people — but let’s let the data come out and see what the data shows.”

That article goes on to explain that what they’re finding is that for every million people diagnosed with COVID-19, there are as many as 20 million infected.

When you look at the population of the United States—which is estimated to be about 329 million people—60 million having already been infected with the virus means that more than 1 in 6 Americans either have or have already had COVID-19. Wow. Those are numbers that are putting us on a pretty great track for herd immunity.

So why does it matter?

Well, there are a lot of pretty crazy changes happening in our country right now. Even as death rates continue to plummet, governors are extending—and even in some cases expanding—their lockdown orders and restrictions.

For example, the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster—which just opened three months ago—was shut down by North Carolina officials over the weekend “because of COVID.” The owners took to their Facebook page to break the bad news to the millions of North Carolinians, who are still under heavy lockdown, that there is now one less outdoor activity that they can enjoy:

With heavy hearts as we have taken the measures asked of us to limit the amount of people coming and other COVID precautions, we have to announce we are closed until further notice starting tomorrow, Saturday Aug 22nd, 2020 due to the State of North Carolina shutting us down stating we are an amusement park and outdoor entertainment and cannot operate.

Stuff like this is happening all over, and the damage to the economy is almost incomprehensible. And yet pretty much everywhere we look, we are seeing messaging that tells us that none of this is going away any time soon—even with low death rates, and very wide spread. Some “experts” are even saying that these restrictions are simply the way life is going to be from now on. Look at all the money being put into “COVID measures” for schools and businesses; look at all the money being spent on advertising and production of “new normal” accessories and lifestyle messaging.

Is this a worldwide conspiracy to take down capitalism and usher in a cashless society and a socialistic world standard? I mean… it sounds totally crazy, right? But if you believe what the folks over at the IMF and the WEF are saying, it sure seems like that is what’s going on—or at least what some people want to use this experience to create.

The thing that’s so frustrating is that none of this is new. We know politicians like Bernie Sanders and AOC, most of Hollywood, and most colleges have been promoting Marxism for years—trying to glamorize and normalize socialism. We also know that those in positions of power have always manipulated people through fear into submitting to things they would never have submitted to if they were in their right minds. I wrote a whole book about it (available here) a few years ago, and last year we put out The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of the Future that talks about the tendency of governments to grow more and more authoritarian until they begin to take on a role that is more predatory than protective.

But even though most of us know that governments have always used these tactics, a lot of people seem to be falling into their trap—becoming easily distracted by party politics, and mask-wars, and missing the bigger picture. We should instead be asking what, exactly, a lot of these rules and restrictions actually have to do with a virus?

There are world organizations openly talking about totally remaking society and finance on a global scale, and the things that world governments have been doing for the last eight months are quite literally creating the perfect environment for them to be successful in actually pulling it off!

We’ve got to—at the very least—learn about The Great Reset, and start talking about it to the people within our areas of influence. Why? Because people cannot oppose an action they don’t know is occuring. We stand to lose a whole lot more than many people realize, and if we can’t stop what’s coming we will be forced into a “new normal” far worse than anything we’ve yet seen.

I’m reminded of John Adams who said, “Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”

Economic freedom, once lost, could very well be lost forever. That’s not the world I envision my kids inheriting. We’ve got to educate ourselves and our kids and we’ve got to take care to avoid being manipulated by fear or flashy distractions and missing the bigger picture.

I don’t think it’s too late, but I definitely think it’s time to speak up and to start really educating ourselves about the life-altering machinations of power-hungry people that have been hiding in plain sight.

— Connor

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