The Forces Straining to Stop School Choice

Educational choice is a revolutionary idea (though, it shouldn’t have to be.)

This kind of freedom endangers the bloated, corrupt, and utterly incompetent public school system in place today. Nationwide school choice would finally bring accountability to a system that has failed our children for decades and actively harmed them for the past two years.

It makes sense, then, that public schools–and the powers behind them–are terrified at the thought of finally giving families the power to choose how their children are educated.

This month, in opposition to a statewide school choice voucher program, over 100 Ohio public schools sued their state on the grounds of “violating the Constitution.” This kind of desperate maneuver is hardly shocking.

Obviously, Coca-Cola would prefer if Pepsi products stayed off the shelves. Just like Ford would love for Chevrolet to be banned, helping sell more F-150s. And Wrangler would be thrilled if Levi’s was swamped with red tape ’til it went under.

Fortunately, in a free country, consumers are given choices: even in the trivial matters of what we drive, what we drink or eat, even the clothing we wear.

And although it’s taken far too long, a parent-led revolt is finally achieving that same choice in education, which is infinitely more important than the brand name on our favorite soft drink or pair of jeans.

But let’s be real: school choice isn’t going to happen without a fight. The establishment has a vested interest in locking our kids into these institutions at any cost.

Just look at the Teacher’s unions, who’ve long attempted to paint voucher systems and educational savings accounts (ESAs) as tools of racism and hatred. In reality, these cronies are concerned about the increased scrutiny that comes from educational freedom. This is because accountability for bad schools eventually means accountability for bad teachers.

Parents like you across America are making it clear: the buck is going to stop somewhere. And now, you can practically smell the left-wing establishment’s panic in the air.

So to those fighting for the empowerment of school choice, stay the course. I, along with millions of other parents across the country, am cheering you on. Hang in there, and don’t let these corrupt institutions push you around with their lazy rhetoric and desperate lawsuits. They answer to you… Not the other way around.

And to those who have been empowered by school choice, or taken the homeschooling/unschooling/charter-schooling leap in spite of their state’s laws, congratulations!

I know it’s scary to take full control over how and what your child learns: especially in times like these. My wife and I have been in your situation before: it’s actually what inspired me to start writing kid’s books.

The Tuttle Twins series was born from a desire to teach kids about the stuff that really matters, combined with a lack of good content on the market.

Over the last two years, millions of families have made a choice to try out new options for their children’s education. And over the past decade, millions have trusted the Tuttle Twins team to teach their kids about economics, civics, history, and personal responsibility.

No matter what school looks like for your family, you can join us in raising a generation of status-quo-questioners and critical thinkers.

Stay the course…


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