Surprise! The USPS is spying on you

Have you heard?

The government entity best known for multi-month mail delays, union strikes, and abysmal customer service is now monitoring social media for dissident thought. That’s right — the USPS is spying on you. (Maybe that’s why some of the Tuttle Twins packages have been delayed… Priorities, people!)

We know this thanks to an internal memo that leaked this week. The document wasn’t meant to see the light of the day… But it did, revealing a “covert operation” by the federal government to monitor social media posts — specifically, content related to planned protests and civil unrest.

I recommend you read the original news report here. It’s every bit as wild and creepy as it sounds.

Given the patterns and policies we’ve seen in the past few months, years, and decades, it’s no shock that the government is getting creative with encroaching on our free speech and privacy rights.

But enlisting the mailman to do the dirty work?

To use Joe Biden’s own words… Come on, man.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when we allow the government to grow into an untamable monster: thousands of invisible tentacles reach into our daily lives to “monitor” us. Agencies, initiatives, and enforcers, all sharing information and working together to make sure we’re not stepping out of line.

Even when it’s not their job. Especially when it’s not their job.

According to America’s founding documents and the men who wrote them, the federal government’s core role is to protect our civil liberties — granted by our Creator, recognized in the Bill of Rights — from tyrannical rulers.

That truth makes it even more disturbing to watch petty bureaucrats invade our rights to privacy, free speech, assembly, and self-defense. (And those are just the things we know about!)

The federal government knows its job description. And rather than following those guidelines, it does the complete opposite. Time that should be spent safeguarding our rights is spent chipping away at them in “covert operations.”

You can bet that for every leaked memo like this one, there are surely thousands more we’ll never see. And that’s just the thing: for its own survival, the “swamp” desperately needs us to stay in the dark. Our awareness is an impediment to the monster’s ability to grow.

The less we know about how the government works, the more we trust it. And the more we trust it, the more willing we are to pay taxes, hand our children over to the government schooling system, shut down our businesses, quarantine ourselves for months, have faith in a worthless dollar, and fall right into line.

Here’s the ultimate question, though: how did we get here? We certainly didn’t turn into spying-mailman-land overnight.

It’s a long and winding story, and Robert Higgs’ book Crisis and Leviathan does a darn good job of summing it up.

I recommend giving it a read if you want to understand how the government has abused people’s fear to become a powerful beast … a Leviathan, if you will.

If we want to stop this government monster from growing any bigger, we can’t sit back and wait for our kids to grow up and learn the truth. We have to get started… yesterday.

Right now, the “radical left” is working overtime to reach our kids with the message that the government can (and should) solve

 all our problems. In schools, on TV, and online, powerful forces are waging war for the minds of the future. As concerned parents and educators, we have no choice but to get ahead of the candy-coated lies.

That’s why I wrote The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis. This new story will deliver Higgs’  message in a way that your kids can grasp and understand — without watering down any of the ideas.

You may recall a mention of this upcoming release in a recent newsletter. As I send this email, it’s at the printing press. It’ll be ready to hit mailboxes across the country before we know it. Stay tuned next week for a pre-order link!

In the meantime, our team has plenty of existing books and content to reinforce this crucial truth: the government can’t solve our problems.

Stay tuned…


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