Running Naked to the Finish Line

In the last few years, the slur “conspiracy theorist” has evolved from a term of ridicule to a badge of honor. Yesterday’s Trump conviction proved the OG conspiracy theorist, Robert Welch, prophetic. In 1966, he said the conspirators would figuratively “run naked to the finish line to bridge the short gap between where they had taken mankind and the full tyranny of their dreams.”

Now, I’m not the biggest Trump fan. I think he screwed up in some big ways as president, not the least being his COVID responses, Operation Warp Speed, and the corresponding inflationary “rescue plan”. The worst is the pride he maintains about those abominations that he holds onto even now. 

But it’s absolutely clear that his drawing attention to the unelected bureaucrats who have actually been running our government for the last 70 years—the swamp and the deep state—have put him in the crosshairs. We saw how this played out with Russiagate, the Hunter Biden laptop election interference, January 6, and the string of indictments since that time. 

Chuck Schumer even let the secret slip in an interview. “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday on getting back at you,” he said. This is an open admittance that our republic is being held hostage by a treasonous conspiracy that works beyond executive and congressional oversight.

Trump’s trial and conviction in New York were so blatantly orchestrated by elements in Washington, DC, nobody can say otherwise and keep a straight face. Meanwhile politicians in both parties are working overtime to bleed us and sell us out to globalist powers via climate change, social justice, pandemic responses, and their favorite—war.

The whole thing is infuriating, depressing, and can make you feel hopeless… but that’s exactly what they’re counting on. 

You see, in times past. Their success rate for these types of operations were 100%. People were easily lulled by their propaganda. But now, the whole world can see the conspiracy before us. We don’t watch their news. We loathe their Hollywood stars. We call out their false flag operations in real time. 

This Trump trial was supposed to be their silver bullet… but it’s backfiring. Last night, Trump’s donation page was crashed by floods of donations. People who were considering a third-party or Independent protest vote have decided to vote for Trump in solidarity.

Now, do I think Trump being re-elected is going to solve our problems? I really doubt it. I don’t think he has a clear and principled plan on how to save and restore our republic. But it will be interesting to see how that plays out. 

What is much more exciting to me is that people are waking up. They’re learning the truth, re-evaluating their allegiances and discovering an older, better kind of patriotism—loyalty to their families, their communities, and to principles of freedom. In this way, we’re winning on all fronts, and this is why the conspirators are acting desperately and recklessly to maintain their grasp. “Running naked to the finish line”. 

Because of this, I anticipate things will get even more crazy in the coming months and years. Insert your own conspiracy theory about what they’ll try next. They actually don’t have a very creative play book, so there’s a good chance you’ll be pretty close. More of the same (which you can read about in our Guide to True Conspiracies btw).

Regardless, It’s not going to work in the long run. The tighter they grasp for control, the more it will slip through their fingers. Take heart!


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