Psst… The Government Thinks Inflation is “Too Low”

I talk a lot about big government. Mostly, about how it takes advantage of people to grow its own power at our expense. In doing so, it makes our lives more difficult, drives up the cost of living, and takes away the very freedoms that the federal government was created to help protect.

And while the world is full of stories of how these things happen, sometimes we get an extra-clear wake-up call. This week, we got one of those from Janet Yellen, who is Chair of the U.S. Treasury Department and former head of the Federal Reserve. (Though I prefer to call it the Creature from Jekyll Island...)

Yellen, speaking to Bloomberg News, claimed that inflation is “too low” right now. (What?!)

I could leave this rant right here and you’d likely understand why that’s a horrible thing to hear from the person controlling our money… but let’s dive a little deeper.

This crazy statement came in defense of a $4 trillion spending deal being pushed by President Biden. It’s just the latest in his series of “rescue plans” (you can envision me doing big air quotes) to supposedly get our country back on its feet.

We know from history that reckless government spending won’t “rescue” anyone in the long term… but it will inevitably lead to higher inflation and interest rates. It will make it harder to afford everyday items, buy a house, or make your retirement money last.

Still, Yellen brazenly claims that higher interest rates would be “a plus for society’s point of view and the Fed’s point of view.”

I might ask what made her the arbiter of what is good for society, but I already know the answer to that. It’s the group of powerful bureaucrats and bankers that met on Jekyll Island in 1910, and plotted to control our money.

You see, when Yellen says something is “good for society,” what she’s really saying is that it’s good for government control over society. That’s her real perspective.

So why isn’t this all over the news? Why aren’t people upset that the person controlling our money wants inflation to go up?

The unfortunate answer is, the “free money” handouts keep on coming. From “stimulus” checks, to bailouts, to market controls like eviction moratoriums and minimum wage hikes, these things serve as the “cheese in the mousetrap” for many Americans.

But, as history tells us, the cheese is fleeting. The trap is permanent.

With trillions on trillions of dollars printed to fund these government programs, our savings are being watered down by the day. Hardworking folks are being robbed by a runaway government that simply doesn’t care. Not about doing the “right thing,” not about looking out for us, and certainly not about what its constitutional job description is.

If you’ve ever wondered why our Tuttle Twins books refer to our government with scary names like “Creature” or “Leviathan,” here’s your answer. The government typically is a scary monster. But worse than that, it’s a scary monster that thinks nobody knows any better. It’s a villain in hero’s clothing, and a lot of people are buying in.

The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island is one of the first children’s books I wrote in the series. It’s crucial that we reach our children with the truth about how the government manipulates our money in order to manipulate us. 

Things might look pretty dismal right now, but the future doesn’t have to be. Our children hold the key to turning this thing around and maybe even saving the country… but it’s going to take some real-world knowledge to get them ready.

Unfortunately, we can’t expect anyone to teach our kids that the government doesn’t have their best interests at heart — in fact, in most schools, they’ll hear the exact opposite.

But that’s why our team is here: instead of repeating the candy-coated lies most kids are told, the Tuttle Twins books are dishing out the truth.

Join us, and let’s take back the runaway train from the Creature conducting it.

Until next time…

— Connor

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