Parents are Terrorists (At Least, According to the FBI…)

Have you attended any testy school board meetings in the last few months?

If so, the FBI may have its eyes on you, according to new whistleblower documents attained by Congress this week.

According to a memo sent to FBI personnel, the agency created a digital system to track parents that could be “threats” to local school board officials. Agents were instructed to monitor for any out-of-line parents and community members, labeling them with the tag “EDUOFFICIALS.”

“The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels,” said the original email.

If you’ve been tracking this story at all, you might remember Attorney General Merrick Garland testifying before Congress last month.

Under oath, he claimed he “can’t imagine” the FBI committing such horrors as labeling parents domestic terrorists, or spying on them.

As it turns out, his phrasing was intentionally slippery. He didn’t have to “imagine” anything: the draconian policy of spying on parents was already a reality at that time. We just didn’t know it. In essence, he lied.

That said, I can hardly blame the Feds for using the PATRIOT Act to spy on innocent, fed-up parents like you and me. It’s kind of their prerogative. That’d be like getting mad at a fox for eating your chickens after inviting it into the coop for a spot of tea!

Remember, Congress authorized these spying powers for federal agencies in 2001 and never took them away. Why wouldn’t they turn them against dissident citizens deemed the bad guys? It almost makes too much sense.

Are you creeped out yet? I get it. I am too.

If only someone had warned us about this, right? Another one for the ever-growing list of “Ron Paul Was Right” moments, I suppose.

He was right back then, and he’s still right today: giving the government the ability to spy on us has always had the potential to backfire.

The uncomfortable truth is that we don’t just give away our liberties temporarily, then get them back once the danger is gone. These cronies and deep-staters in DC will hang onto our freedoms and our privacy forever if we let them.

And as we’re seeing right now, they’re more than willing to use that power to intimidate us into silence and submission. We cannot let that happen.

The FBI and its web of government hacks think we’re going to engage them in a physical battle. I say we do them one better: let’s rob them of the chance to indoctrinate our children.

I created the Tuttle Twins for this exact reason: to help parents reclaim control of their children’s schooling. If you’re currently at that crossroads, you’re far from alone. Millions of parents are dumping the public school system to give homeschooling a go.

I’ll be the first to admit that regaining that control isn’t always easy. It can be tough to navigate the options, and educating your children is a weighty responsibility. Fortunately, our team has a multitude of resources to help in your family’s journey, whatever it may look like.

In times like these, we must be emboldened—not paralyzed by fear. We can’t afford to turn the next generation over to be educated by the same people labeling us as terrorists.

Until next time…


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