I’ve Got a Fever and the Only Prescription is More Tuttle Twins!

Do you remember that old Saturday Night Live skit? You know… the Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell one. The one where Walken says, “I’ve got a fevah. And the only prescription is more cowbell!”

It’s a classic, and one of my all-time favorite SNL skits. If you’ve never seen it, stop right now and click here.

I’ve felt myself channeling my inner-Walken these last few weeks as I’ve watched, fairly amazed, at how quickly the Tuttle Twins brand is growing and expanding.

When Elijah and I sat down to do The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law, we didn’t actually have plans to do more than just one book. Then The Law ended up being pretty successful, so we figured we’d do another one. Miraculous Pencil was even better received than The Law, so we figured we’d do one more.

And repeat.

Now and we’ve got our twelfth book slated for release in the next few months (hint: it’s based on Robert Higgs’ Crisis and Leviathan), workbooks to accompany each book, an award winning economics curriculum that offers weekly, age-specific lessons for the whole family, a set of teen, Choose Your Consequence books, and a bunch of digital content.

We even have a podcast where me and Brittany Hunter chat all things liberty! It’s called The Way the World Works and you can catch new episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on your favorite listening platform. Ron Paul joined us for yesterday’s episode—you should for sure check it out!

It’s amazing how far we’ve seen the brand come in less than ten years, but I’m left with my head spinning when I see the growth we’ve experienced in just the last few months. Since the lockdowns began and the whole world (except Sweden apparently) became homeschoolers, our sales have TRIPLED.

We’re about to pass the “1.5 million books sold” mark. *pinch me*

All the sales have launched me and the rest of the Tuttle Twins team into hyper-creative mode, and we’ve been busy working on a ton of new projects.

And that includes the cartoon!

A Tuttle Twins cartoon has been on our wish list for years, but knowing the cost (in the MILLIONS) it seemed like a very far away, if not impossible, dream.

This morning, I got word that we had hit the $600k mark for investments in our joint effort with The Harmon Brothers, and VidAngel toward the funding of our TV show. VidAngel estimates that at the rate we are going, we’ll hit our goal of $1Million within the next ten days. Is this really happening?? I’m starting to think it actually is!

(To read more about the project, or to invest, please click here)

Serving to quicken the breakneck speed that things are happening around here has been the hit piece by the socialist magazine Current Affairs which of course we monetized by offering 50% off our combo set with code CURRENTAFFAIRS.

(The sale is still on, so click here if you haven’t snagged your set yet!)

That piece was responsible for the sale of at least  6000 Tuttle Twins books! I’m so grateful for their shining endorsement that I even offered to cut them in on the profits!

They’re ignoring me. No idea why. 😉

This week, FEE did a writeup on the hit piece and the ensuing surge in sales:

Current Affairs published the expletive-laden piece in its July/August print issue, calling libertarianism “one of the most disgraceful political tendencies in the world.”

Apparently, not everyone agreed with the far-left writer, Rob Larson, that a political philosophy grounded in individual rights, personal responsibility, and consent is “disgraceful.” Soon after the article appeared online at the end of September, Boyack noted record sales of The Tuttle Twins books, which have already sold more than 1.4 million copies.

“Overall it’s clear the author, a dedicated socialist, has a fundamental disagreement with our values and perspective,” Boyack told me in a recent interview. “When a socialist calls your free market literature a ‘cliché-ridden [heap] of steaming garbage,’ it’s not a criticism—it’s a badge of honor you wear proudly. It means we’re doing something right to provoke this kind of ire from someone who sees liberty as ‘one of the most disgraceful political tendencies in the world.’”

My friend, Kerry McDonald, wrote the piece, and I had a chance to sit down and talk with her as she was preparing it. I shared this thought with her, and I think it’s worth sharing again here:

The left has dominated the education of the rising generation for decades. Teachers see their students increasingly as ‘the front line of battle for the future of our nation.’ For too long, parents have surrendered their children to the indoctrination of these social reformers. The Tuttle Twins is finally giving parents a shield to defend their kids, and a sword to fight back. Our ideological enemy isn’t used to facing organized opposition. We present a threat to those who want to continue molding the minds of kids to support socialism.

I have never been more certain that the world is ready for our message. Parents and grandparents—whether because of government regulations that forced them into homeschool, or just because they are sick and tired of the leftist indoctrination that their kids face in school, media, and pretty much every other setting—have decided, “No more!” and are taking matters into their own hands.

I’m grateful that so many have seen our books, curriculum, podcast (and soon our TV show!!) as something that meets their needs; something they trust to help shape their kids into the free-thinking defenders of liberty that all people should be.

Our future is so bright it sometimes burns my eyes. We’ve heard you loud and clear! You want more Tuttle Twins—and we are giving it to you. More to come—and soon.


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