It’s Time We Address the CEO-Cashier Pay Gap…

… At least, that’s what “squad” member Ilhan Omar is saying on twitter this week.

Sure, you can say the CEO should be paid less — and the cashiers, busers, and other entry level staff need to be paid more. You can tell your friends. You can tweet it out to the world. It’s your right to do so.

But no matter how many times you repeat that idea, you can’t make it the truth.

For starters, salary isn’t an arbitrary number that employers simply decide on and dole out at random. If that were the case, corporate boards would pay everybody minimum wage.

Put simply, compensation is the meeting point between what a company needs, and what the employee has to offer.

And in the real world, different skills carry different levels of value.

Skills like scanning items, making change, and counting inventory are quickly learned. They are easily held by any competent adult. They are important, but they are not rare. Because of that, they hold low market value.

On the other hand, operating a company and leading it to success is something very few people know how to do. So, CEOs with a track record of success tend to be paid a lot. That’s because they have the power to make or break a company — and along with that, they can dictate the fate of every employee who works for it, all the way down to the cashiers and burger flippers.

As I’ve discussed in newsletters past, just because people want something, or think it’s their “human right,” doesn’t mean they’re entitled to it… or that they’ve even earned it. And our modern-day socialist superstars are no different.

If you have kids, you know that they tend to want to help people and do what sounds nice. And with figures like AOC and the “squad” constantly telling us that socialism is the “nice” thing to do, it can be a scary time to be a parent, knowing the crazy ideas our children are being influenced by.

That concern is what led me to start writing in the first place. The media, politicians, and culture warriors are all pushing for big-government controls that don’t end well for anybody — and someone’s got to get through to the kids before the socialists do. 

That’s why we release books like The Tuttle Twins and the Spectacular Show Business. This story is all about the trials and challenges that entrepreneurs face. If you want to show your kids why CEOs actually do need to be paid a lot, this is a great place to start.

The “squad” isn’t going to stop being crazy, and if I had to guess, we’ll see even more socialists in Congress over the next few years.

Be that as it may, as a parent, you have the chance to equip your children to know better. The Tuttle Twins team is here to give your kids a voice of reason amid all the craziness, from the “squad” and elsewhere.

Let’s get reading…


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