Insult, Injury, and $40 Billion for Ukraine

In case you haven’t heard, America is sending $40 billion in foreign aid to none other than Ukraine.

If you’re thinking, “wait, didn’t we just send them $13 billion earlier this year?” you would be correct… In case you haven’t noticed, our government kind of has a thing for spending money on other people’s wars.

Over the last week, this aid package has been hailed as a bi-partisan triumph. And as with most bi-partisan bills from our government, this one does absolutely nothing to help the average family in America.

Not that the average family is having a rough go or anything…

It’s just that, compared to last year, monthly expenses are up over $400 on average per household.

And every gallon of gas costs about a dollar more.

And the FDA’s bureaucracy has caused a crisis-level formula shortage, leaving thousands of mothers unable to feed their babies.

I could go on and on about the havoc being wrought on our wallets, but you don’t need me to. You’re experiencing it firsthand, just like I am.

It’s bad enough that our federal government is meddling in the (extremely complicated) affairs of nations on the other side of the world.

It’s worse that it’s being paid for by the watering-down of our savings through printing fiat currency.

But it’s just plain insulting to watch it happen in real-time as we experience the worst economic climate in decades.

Now, ready for some good news?

This country is better positioned than ever for a wake-up call.

Right now, Biden’s disapproval rating on the economy is 64%: that’s worse than Jimmy Carter in the 80s! Sure, most people couldn’t explain why it takes more money to buy their everyday necessities… But they sure are mad about it.

Of course, we anti-establishment, Ron-Pauler types have been hollering about inflation and nation-building and the deep state and the evils of centralized currency for quite a while now.

And while I would have preferred for people to listen before things got to this point, I’m grateful for the major learning moment in front of us right now. More hearts and minds are poised for change than ever before.

Biden can only print money, give money away, and blame the Russians for everything for so long. When the consequences of bad policies become impossible to ignore, there will be backlash. You can’t take people for stupid forever.

In this moment of skepticism and awakening, the conversations with your friends, family, coworkers, and children are more important than ever. The question is, are you equipped?

Regardless of your answer, the Tuttle Twins team is here to help you. Yes, we write books for kids, but there’s nothing watered down about the content. Adults can learn just as much as children. These ideas are timeless.

So, if you want to prepare yourself (and your kids!) for conversations about what causes inflationhow citizens slowly lose their freedom… or why the government will never be our friend… we have you more than covered.

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Let’s get reading, and heck, maybe even start a revolution.

Until next time…


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