I’m Telling You—The Future Is Bright!

This comment from our Facebook is pure gold!

Mike G. said:

I envision a world where we won’t need the antiquated buildings used for education public or private.The advancements in tech, VR, AR, AI, Blockchain, and so on will allow us all to have more control over our child’s education. It will also put more power and control in the hands of teachers to be able to connect directly with their students without the state as an inefficient and ineffective intermediary.

Teachers will be able to compete again where the best ones will win. Will there still be these left-leaning and liberal teachers attempting to push their ideology and views on children? Yes, but we will have the ability to choose those that more align with our own views for our children and we won’t have to settle otherwise.

All this will be able to be done in the comfort of the child’s living room (or wherever) and without having our hard earned money taken by force to pay for it. Imagine streaming your money directly to your child’s teacher.

The future is bright and these advancements will level the playing field for all.

I’d love to shake Mike’s hand! His comment reminded me of this interviewI recently did with The Epoch Times about The Tuttle Twins and the Education Vacation:

The Epoch Times: Where do you think education is headed in the future?

Boyack: The future of education is individualized—and we’re already seeing it. People have come to expect their car to pick them up when they want, their food to arrive in just the way they ordered in their app, etc. The entire economy is segmenting down to the individual level, and consumers demand flexibility to meet their personal preferences. We can’t imagine life without this option.

That trend is going to bring the education system to its knees sooner or later, forcing innovation into an industry that was set up to satisfy an industrial warehouse economic model we no longer use or need. Teachers and school administrators would do well to embrace this change rather than resist it—after all, it’s what will most benefit their individual students.

The coolest thing about Mike’s comment is how many other people are starting to wake up to the same way of thinking about what the future of education is going to look like. We get comments on our social media—and I get emails weekly—from parents, grandparents, and teachers, who are blazing new paths in education choice. 

The most encouraging thing I’m seeing is that people aren’t looking for, or expecting, a blanket, one-size-fits-all solution to the problems everyone knows are plaguing the current education model.

Instead of calling for a new government-designed program, or collectivist solutions, parents (and even some educators) are looking at education reform from a very personal and individualized perspective. It’s exciting!

Ten years ago, people weren’t thinking like this. Heck, even five years ago far fewer people were thinking like this. So it’s super encouraging from the perspective of someone like me, who has spent the last decade trying to promote the idea of bringing all aspects of society down to the actions and needs of the individual, to see this type of thinking and problem-solving coming into a much more mainstream consciousness.

To be sure, not everyone is coming around—we’ve still got a long way to go. I just read an article the other day about a teacher in Texas who claimed that parents are misguided and shouldn’t have the final sayin whether or not their kids attend a school drag queen event. A school drag queen… event? Facepalm.

I’m encouraged, though, by the number of good teachers who are following in the steps of the late John Taylor Gatto and putting their concern and love for their students above the defense of a broken and damaging public education system. For all the bad—and often troubling—stories coming out of what I hope will someday be viewed as the failed compulsory education experiment, there are new and exciting options opening every day for parents, teachers, and families who want to take the responsibility of educating the children they love into their own hands.

So cheers to Mike! And cheers to everyone else who is waking up to the bright future of education that is ours for the making!

— Connor

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