Hey! Teachers! Leave our kids alone!

I don’t think anyone receiving this email would argue against the observation that there are concerted efforts by people most of us would consider the “bad guys” to influence and shape the minds of our children.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center highlights a significant trend: birthrates among left-leaning individuals are lower than their conservative counterparts.

This demographic reality poses a challenge for the left, which seeks to grow its base. Something they seem unwilling to do through (ahem) traditional ways.

These folks, many of whom see lower birthrates as their virtuous contribution to the world, rely heavily on capturing and indoctrinating the children of others to propagate their ideology.

Lucky for them, there just happens to be a system already in place that gives relatively unfettered access to the hearts and minds of the rising generation.

Schools, once a place for at least somewhat unbiased learning and critical thinking, have now become battlegrounds for ideological indoctrination.

From the promotion of gender ideology to the teaching of critical race theory, our education system is being used to instill left-leaning so-called “values” in impressionable young minds.

Kids as young as kindergarten are being taught that gender is fluid and a matter of choice. Some school districts have even implemented policies that allow children to transition socially without parental consent or without even informing the parents.

Not only does this undermine the family unit, but it places the state’s ideology above parental rights​.

The emphasis on teaching that truth is subjective and that personal feelings can define reality has confused many young minds—we’re just starting to see the impacts of a generation raised on these ideas coming into their teen and young-adult years.

And guys… it’s not looking good.

The push to accept subjective truths over objective facts is a direct attempt to reshape society according to a specific ideological framework.

It isn’t education; it’s indoctrination. And it’s working.

One of the most common criticisms I see online of the Tuttle Twins books is the claim that we are “indoctrinating” kids.

(The lack of self-awareness here would be hilarious if the stakes weren’t so high.)

When parents use our resources to teach their kids the truth about the world around them, it isn’t indoctrination—it’s simply called parenting. Yet, the same people who wail and gnash their teeth about parents teaching their children these things believe that the public education system, full of activist teachers and administrators, is where all children belong.

They actually believe that teachers and administrators should have free reign to teach the next generation whatever they want, without any input from parents.


So what can we do to keep our kids from being the unwitting adoptees of those who seek to build a world we don’t want to live in? 

First and foremost, we must be vigilant about what our children are being taught, and whose voices they are listening to.

Parents have to stand up to activist teachers and school boards, and be eagerly engaged in voicing concerns about curricula that push ideological and social agendas.

Second, whether your kids attend public school or not, there is always room for more teaching within the walls of your own home. Kids need to learn to think critically, understand objective truth, and know how to analyze information they receive instead of just accepting it at face value because it came from a so-called authority.

The Tuttle Twins books are an excellent tool for teaching kids how to think and understand the world around them and their place in it. 

We teach principles like individual liberty, free markets, and personal responsibility in an engaging and age-appropriate way, and we offer a lot of great resources to help parents like you have meaningful conversations about what is true, and what is not.

Because while the left may be at a tactical disadvantage because of their self-imposed lower birthrates, they are adept at using the public education system to expand their ideological reach.

It is up to us, as parents and grandparents, to safeguard our children’s minds and ensure they grow up with a clear understanding of truth, critical thinking skills, and the values that make a free society possible.

With parents like you, and resources like ours, we can counter these efforts and raise a generation that values integrity and objective truth.

We’ve got what it takes to win!

— Connor

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