Get Ready For Double-Masking Summer Camp

Do your kids go to summer camp? If so, they’re in for a treat… the CDC has been cooking up plenty of extra-ridiculous regulations that’ll make this a year to remember.

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Last week, the increasingly authoritarian agency released new guidance on summer activities. Here’s a quick rundown on the requirements, courtesy of Reason.

Everyone at the camp—including staff and every kid over the age of two—must wear masks at all times, unless they are eating or swimming. They should wear two layers of masks, especially when social distancing is difficult, regardless of “whether activities are indoors or outdoors.”

Campers should be placed in “cohorts,” and their interaction with people outside the cohort must be limited.

There should always be at least three feet between campers of the same cohort, and six feet between campers of different cohorts. Staff should keep six feet away from campers at all times, whether inside or outside. Distance should be maintained while eating, napping, or riding the bus: The CDC suggests seating kids in alternating rows.

The use of physical objects that might be shared among kids—toys, art supplies, electronics—should be limited wherever possible.

Camps should not permit close-contact sports and indoor sports, and should require masks regardless.

To recap… the government is calling for double-masking, putting kids in “cohorts” to limit social interaction, no sharing items, and no contact sports. For summer camps. Which are for, you know, children — a population that the CDC admits is more likely to die of the common flu than COVID-19.

Of course, if government health regulations reflected that reality, schools would have re-opened a long time ago… we wouldn’t be kicking families off flights for not masking their babies…. and kids could run maskless around their summer camps like the good old days.

The simple truth is that if Covid regulations were ever really a matter of “science,” those days are long gone. But sadly, most people are apparently more interested in living in constant fear than in returning to our lives as normal.

From day one of this pandemic, most of the American public has begged the government to solve our problems and assuage our fears, whether with medical mandates, lockdowns, “stimulus” payments, unemployment benefits… you name it.

But history shows us that turning to the government for short-term problems doesn’t really make them go away. It just turns them into long-term problems.

Think about it: Covid is one of the greatest gifts the government has ever been given. Before this virus came on the scene, the economy was generally in amazing shape. Unemployment was at a record low, and the stock market was at a record high.

But when people started getting sick, everybody started looking to authority figures to make them feel like someone was in control. Daily press conferences with Dr. Fauci became a hallmark of the times. Americans sat glued to their TVs with bated breath, waiting to hear the fate of the country from a guy they didn’t know existed two weeks prior.

Somewhere between the calls to wear masks, orders to stay home, and mandatory quarantines, this country got a taste for fear.

That’s why, even with science proving that we’re safe to return to our daily lives, much of the country refuses to return to normal. 

Fear is a heck of a drug, and it’s got a lot of people hooked.

And while millions of Americans are double-masking, self-isolating, and obsessing over case numbers to get their fear fix, the government is reaping the benefits. The past year conditioned much of the country to accept medical advice from a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians — and if we’ll take orders from them on our health, they know we’ll take orders on everything else they push on us.

Watching this nightmare unfold over the last year showed me how powerful our country’s fear addiction is. That pushed me to write The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis, available for pre-order now.

This new book explains how the government exploits our fear to grow its power and control our lives. Because if we let this generation grow up thinking that double-masking and social isolation are just a “new normal,” we’ve failed them.

I hope you’ll join me in pushing back against the Leviathan reaching into our summer camps, our schools, our doctor’s offices, and our lives.

Order this book — Elijah and I have spent a lot of time making this an impactful story to help your kids understand what’s happening and how we can push back to defend our freedoms. Every family needs this book!

So maybe order an extra copy for a friend. 🙂

— Connor

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