Finally, Some Good News…

You don’t need me to list off all the reasons people are feeling down and defeated right now — it’s been a tough year. The future seems uncertain.

Fortunately, even the most terrible situations can present opportunities for good. You see, a crisis creates problems. By finding ways to solve those problems, people with valuable skills can provide for themselves, serve their communities, and show generosity to others.

Today, I want to shout out a young man who’s turned a problem into an opportunity, and that opportunity to generosity.

Dominick Pecora is a 12-year-old from Paoli, Pennsylvania. He’s an avid bicyclist. Over the years, he’s learned how to do all sorts of tricks… but also, how to repair bikes and keep them in good condition.

When the pandemic hit last March, all of the bicycle repair shops in his neighborhood shut down to comply with government regulations. Dominick’s friends started turning to him for their repairs, rather than waiting months for the shops to open back up. 

Business picked up quickly, so he created a Facebook page called Dom Fixes Bikes. As more customers asked him for help, shutdowns eased, and business began to reopen, he rented a garage and set up a storefront in town. Customers can get tune-ups, repairs, and even browse a selection of bikes for sale.

But here’s the best part: Dominick didn’t just save his earnings to buy a new mountain bike for himself, as was his original plan. This young entrepreneur decided to donate a portion of his business’ proceeds back to his community.

Through his shop’s success, Dominick gave six bikes to children in need during the Christmas season of 2020. This year, he hopes to donate even more by continuing to grow his business.

Seriously, how awesome is that? This young man stepped up to fix a problem in his community, and created a thriving business, but he also went the extra mile. He recognized that success grants an opportunity for generosity.

Dominick’s story shows exactly why entrepreneurship should be encouraged among children.

Kids are naturally resourceful and optimistic. If properly encouraged and educated, they are capable of counteracting their community’s problems with creative solutions.

That’s why our team has several books that emphasize the value of entrepreneurship.

Through our creative and fun stories about food trucks, show business, and miraculous pencils, characters Emily and Ethan Tuttle show readers the value of solving problems… and the pitfalls a business owner has to watch out for.

I wrote these books because I believe if we can reach our children with the idea of entrepreneurship, they’re capable of solving just about anything they put their minds to…

Even during the weirdest, wackiest year ever.

— Connor

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