Fauci’s Final Flip-Flop of 2021

It’s been a heck of a year, hasn’t it?

Between the back-and-forth on whether masks are effective, whether the latest injectable pharmaceuticals are worth the risk, whether kids should be quarantined/masked/vaccinated, or whether government “stimulus” helps the economy…If you trust the government, you’re suffering all kinds of whiplash.

As for those of us who don’t trust the government, the words “I told you so” are nearly impossible not to scream into the void. This is, of course, because we have been brutally gaslit.

Anyone skeptical of lockdowns, mandates, and the medical bureaucracy has been painted as a selfish, murderous hack for nearly two years. Myself included. And now, we must listen to Dr. Fauci discover cost-benefit analysis in real-time!

This week, “America’s Doctor” (that is, ahem, sarcasm) and the CDC reversed their policy on 14-day quarantines. Citing the psychological damage of extended isolation, a new recommendation now instructs us to quarantine for 5 days after Covid exposure.

Maybe this happened because politicians and the bureaucrats enabling them have realized that people are done with being pushed around. With each new doomsday proclamation, more and more people reach their breaking point with endless lockdowns and shifting goalposts.

Whatever the reasoning, the Covid regime is suddenly crumbling before our eyes. And while this is overall quite positive, it’s also a bit maddening for those of us who have seen through the “public safety” charade from the beginning.

This isn’t even to mention the human cost of these farcical lockdowns and restrictions.

There’s instant no policy reversal that can bring children up to speed from years of educational and developmental setbacks.

There’s no way to bring back loved ones who passed, unable to say final goodbyes in the cold isolation of a hospital bed, due to draconian orders. We can’t rewind the clock and allow families to grieve their deceased properly with in-person funerals.

There’s no way to reverse the psychological damage done by prolonged isolation, ordered by the ivory-tower-dwellers in DC. Try as we might, we can’t undo the 100,000 opioid deaths that happened in America this year.

Government policy can take lives, but it can’t bring them back. We’re learning it the hard way.

There is a small silver lining, though. Out of all the bad things 2021 gave us, there was wedged something positive: an opportunity to teach our kids about the horrible effects of government overreach.

To help us fully realize this opportunity, I wrote The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis, a kid-friendly adaptation of Robert Higgs’ book on the dangers of giving our rulers too much power. Through a narrative-driven story featuring a truly terrifying villain, readers will learn just how dangerous “public safety” can be.

If we take advantage of this moment, America’s children will remember the hell we’ve been through when their liberties are on the line for the sake of “public safety.”

Because, spoiler alert: at some point, they will be.

Until next time…


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