Fauci’s Emails and the Dark Side of Bureaucracy

This week, over 4,000 pages of emails sent and received by Dr. Anthony Fauci were made public through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests by Buzzfeed and The Washington Post. These emails span from January to June 2020, and contain all sorts of insights into the hellish year-and-change our country just experienced.

And while many left-wing outlets have clung to bits of humor and humanity to keep Fauci embedded in our minds as “America’s Doctor”… a keen reader will find all kinds of reasons to distrust this man, as well as the government he’s been advising (some might say controlling).

For starters, this email from February 2020 shows Fauci was credibly warned the virus may have come from a lab — not a bat or other animal.
In May of 2020, Fauci did an exclusive sit-down with National Geographic. The headline? “Fauci: No scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab.”

Looking back, that entire premise looks like a complete fabrication, given detailed scientific reasoning to the contrary acknowledged by Fauci in a private email only three months prior.

Moving on, we see Fauci asserting that most transmissions are from those showing symptoms of Covid-19 — not asymptomatic individuals, as the government had us believe early last year.

My personal favorite, though? Fauci privately admitted in February of 2020 that masks don’t really work. See for yourself below.

Of course, his belief that masks don’t work didn’t stop him from forcing us into them for the next year… or leading a smear campaign against anyone who questioned the supposed science behind their effectiveness.

Or putting one of those “masks from the drug store” that are not “really effective” on the cover of his book. 

Speaking of books… Amazon and Barnes & Noble have scrubbed all traces of Fauci’s upcoming memoir, Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward from their websites.

The booksellers claim that this was because a pre-order link was posted prematurely, which could very well be the case. But that timing sure is something, isn’t it?

All of this to say, Fauci’s political future isn’t looking so bright.

And I say political future (rather than medical or professional) for a reason. He has deliberately misled us, withheld information that could have prevented a nationwide panic and economic collapse, and was made into a celebrity for doing it. Folks, that’s a politician — not a doctor.

The problem is, many people are still bullheaded about holding this man up as a hero. Our society has become so enamored with power and media finesse and “trusting the science,” that we can’t turn away from someone who we now know has been lying to us.

That’s a pretty good sign we have a statism problem.

To be fair, blind love of politicians isn’t new. For centuries, people have looked to “leaders” to fix their problems and make life comfortable.

But history tells us that when we surrender our God-given rights to liberty for temporary feelings of “comfort” and “safety,” we end up with neither. But schools aren’t teaching children these things anymore… which is a huge reason why I started writing Tuttle Twins books.

I want my children to know the importance of thinking critically and being skeptical of those in power, because Dr. Fauci isn’t the last bureaucrat who will lie to our families about the reality of certain risks. Our politicians and media want to make our kids compliant and easy-to-control, and that’s more easily done when we’re ignorant of the truth..

The real truth, though, is that if we don’t teach our children the consequences of giving up our liberties, nobody else will. And that’s precisely why the Tuttle Twins team works so hard to help parents like you.

So let’s work together and raise a generation of bold leaders who ask the right questions, even when it’s unpopular.

— Connor

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