Elon Musk Takes on the Thought Police

Over the past week, we internet users were given a rare treat in the form of media honesty. The subject? Just how stupid the mainstream media thinks we are.

This came courtesy of Elon Musk, who made a $43 Billion offer to buy Twitter, taking the social media behemoth private. This offer, given Twitter’s struggles to monetize and grow as a company over the last decade, was generous to say the least.

Of course, the subsequent meltdown by prominent left-wingers has been highly amusing and incredibly revealing.

For starters, the rapid pivot of online blue-check types from “Twitter is a private company and they can kick off anyone they want from their platform” to “the government must intervene NOW to stop Elon-Musk-who-is-basically-worse-than-Hitler, from buying up an entire company” is… pretty stunning.

It’s actually quite impressive to do a 180 on your views that quickly without any regard for how hypocritical one looks in doing so.

And what’s even more stunning? How about the media’s response — which can be accurately summarized as “people aren’t smart enough to survive without censorship.”

Think I’m being dramatic? Don’t take it from me!

To start, here’s a musing from Max Boot, a beltway “conservative” and, naturally, columnist for the Washington Post. He thinks that for our country to work, there should be more “content moderation” —which is nothing but newspeak for censorship.

Here’s a question for Mr. Boot: isn’t the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos? You know, one of those so-called evil billionaires that shouldn’t be allowed to buy up media companies? But I digress…

The Elon-buying-Twitter discourse isn’t going any better in TV world than it is online. In fact, it’s even worse.

Mika Brzezinzky, co-host of MCNBC’s Morning Joe, was so triggered by the thought of an anti-media thinker owning Twitter that she made a shocking revelation: “controlling what people think” is… her job. 

You should most certainly watch the video clip for yourself, but here’s a direct transcript:

“He’s trying to undermine the media, he’s trying to make up his own facts… And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he could actually control exactly what people think… and that is our job.”

Uh… Talk about saying the quiet part out loud!

The sad part is, Mika’s big slip-up is probably the most honest thing we’ve heard from any member of the mainstream media in years.

Today’s pundits hail themselves as brave journalistic heroes speaking truth to power, but in reality, most of them are running interference for the most powerful and corrupt people in the world.

Do I sound a little tinfoil hat-ish? I get it.

But before you write me off as crazy, try reading into a few examples of media manipulating and withholding extremely relevant information from the public.

For example, that time ABC killed a massive Jeffrey Epstein story, years before his horrors were common knowledge… or the complete mainstream refusal to cover the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop amid an election (and blatant suppression of the few outlets that did)… or literally anything involving the Clintons.

You’d only be scratching the surface, but it doesn’t take long to realize that the media rot goes deep.

The truth is that someone like Elon Musk poses a major threat to the institutions that have enjoyed near-total control of information for decades… Hence the complete meltdown we’re witnessing now.

I’m not saying that Musk owning Twitter would fix all of the problems with our media and tech landscape. It wouldn’t: he’s one guy, and he’s no more perfect than the rest of us. But if you’re asking me, it sure would be a welcome shake-up to the status quo.

That’s kind of what we’re all about here at the Tuttle Twins: shaking up the status quo. The education system has failed at raising independent thinkers for too long, and parents are stepping up to the plate to take control of their children’s future.

We’re here to walk with you on that journey, whatever it may look like: whether that’s through homeschooling curriculum like our upcoming history book, relevant news coverage through our kid’s magazine, or our flagship series of books that teach kids about critical thinking and independence.

How do I know it’s all worthwhile?

Maybe because outlets like CNN are starting to notice… smearing us as “propaganda” in the process. You can hardly blame them: we’re helping raise a generation of kids that are immune to their manipulation.

Don’t be surprised if we get more attacks from the left-wing establishment as we reach more families… I’ll celebrate each as a sign we’re doing something right.

On that note, don’t be surprised if the powers that be find a way to stop Elon from buying Twitter. A freedom-minded individual owning an online public forum is pretty much the establishment’s worst nightmare.

Either way, the clock is ticking: the information cartel’s reign over truth is coming to an end.

Until next time…


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