Biden’s Plan to “Rescue” America… and the Growing Monster of Government

On Wednesday, in an almost-empty room spattered with a few vaccinated-and-masked politicians, Joe Biden laid out his best stab at saving the country.

When he wasn’t insisting that “no amendment to the Constitution is final,” that we “can’t yell fire in a crowded theater,” and that America harbors “white supremacy,” he pitched his “American Family Plan.”

If you’ve never heard the phrase “government from cradle to grave,” this plan paints a pretty good picture of what that looks like. It’s a push for government-run “universal” pre-K, “free” community college, the creation of a national medical and family leave program, and much, much more.

Also, it costs $1.2 trillion dollars. That’s trillion with a T. Trillion as in one million multiplied by one million.

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And while most people would say “but the government is paying for it,” you and I know the truth… the bill will be shouldered by the American people. We’ll be paying for this for generations to come — through both exorbitant taxation, and 24/7 money-printing that waters down our savings by the day.

If you’ve been getting these newsletters for a while, you know that I’ve been ringing the alarm on plans to “rescue” the country since this Covid madness first started. That’s because I’ve read the book (and written a few, for that matter) and I know how this one ends.

It starts with people getting scared. Feeling uncertain. Then someone from the government steps up to “solve” the problem. They promise nice-sounding things like “rescue plans” and “CARES” acts and “stimulus checks.” Then, long after the spending has spun far out of control, the temporary “help” from the government becomes a permanent part of our increasingly bloated system.

The problem is, a lot of people forget why we needed “rescuing” to begin with. Our country’s economy has been restricted for over a year by a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. So let’s call this situation what it is: manipulation. For months on end, the fear and uncertainty of an entire country has been exploited by powerful people who know better. If that’s not abuse, I don’t know what is.

Truthfully, policies like the “American Rescue Plan” and the “American Family Plan” are nothing but a public relations (or, propaganda) campaign covering a much scarier, darker reality. The government is a creature whose only motivation is to grow its own power. It does so by taking away our liberties, and replacing them with candy-coated pacifiers like $1400 checks and “free” education.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There will always be a price to pay for social engineering and economic folly, and it will always be paid by we, the people.

All of that is to say… if you want to ensure your children grow into reasonable, capable young adults, you certainly can’t trust our government schooling system to do it. Heck, you can’t even trust the schools to stay open, let alone teach good information!

And while you can probably grasp these ideas as an adult, it’s not that easy for everybody. Children have a tendency to want to help others and make the world a better place, and these are wonderful qualities. But, they also make kids more susceptible to falling for traps laid by the crafty campaign machine powering the government.

If left uneducated, those kids grow into adults with zero understanding of the world around them, and zero skepticism of the government’s intentions. That’s how we wound up with an entire generation of Bernie Bros and AOC superfans: they were failed by the “education” system.

Suffice it to say, this is not an easy moment to navigate as a parent. Strong forces are mobilizing to push dependency and complacency on our bright young minds. As a father of two, I’m aware that it’s not easy to single-handedly convince your children that the “nice” people running the government are actually the villains.

Fortunately, storytelling is a powerful tool to illustrate tough concepts — like the dangers of letting the government grow out of control. So, because I still have some hope left for our future, I wrote The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis

Through the eyes of Emily and Ethan tuttle, this new story shows how the government exploits fear to grow into a ferocious monster… and what must be done to stop it.

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If we can teach our children what the generations before them have failed to grasp, we might just be able to turn this thing around and save the country… Because the best “American Family Plan” is teaching our kids not to believe politicians’ lies.

Let’s stay hopeful, and let’s get to work.

— Connor

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