Biden is in. Brace for impact…

Well, here we go.

Today marks the inauguration of Joe Biden as president — and a federal government controlled by Democrats in both chambers of Congress. Try to imagine what might happen over the next few years.

That imagination is more nightmare than dream. Granted, things haven’t been peachy in recent years; while Trump did some impressive things, we also saw massive, wasteful stimuli, flooding the economy with trillions of new dollars, ever-ballooning national debt, and more.

But Biden’s administration will undoubtedly be worse, if for no other reason than that socialists are economically ignorant and willfully so. After all, it was AOC who said “It’s more important to be morally right than factually correct.”

And how might this economic ignorance look in the months and years to come?

Here’s one example: Biden’s team aims to be the “first administration ever to construct economic policy around issues like race, gender equality and climate change, rather than around traditional indicators like gross domestic product or deficit ratios.”

This is like Common Core math where kids are asked how they “feel” about certain formulas, or whether there’s white privilege in a math problem, rather than, you know, actually solving simple math equations.

This is how socialists do it — they ignore the reality of their policies and instead proclaim that they are “morally right” and therefore good.

And we can expect a lot of this — after all, Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary, the former chair of the Creature from Jekyll Island (the Federal Reserve), is already calling on Congress to pursue “big action” with trillions more in spending (that Congress doesn’t have).

Don’t expect the media to be skeptical. They’re going to be cheerleaders. It’s already happening. CNN’s political director last night engaged in some cringe-worthy adoration (it’s tough to watch…) and Kamala Harris was asked some tough questions by CBS, including why she wears the shoes she does. Now how’s that for strong journalism?

Anyway, as schools continue to teach revisionist history (and I read just this morning that Biden is swiftly killing Trump’s 1776 commission which was a response to the awful 1619 history project), and as the media proclaims the socialists our saviors and glorifies their every action, it’s clear that it’s up to you and me to shield our kids from this nonsense.

This is what motivates Elijah and I to keep putting out new Tuttle Twins materials—we know that parents like you are eager to teach your kids true principles, and that there are many other families like you out there who need to hear this message.

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Let’s do our part to teach our kids what socialist nonsense looks like, and why we should steer clear of it. The Tuttle Twins is here to help.

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