A Wake-Up Call From the Land Down Under

Have you seen what’s going on in Australia?

If not, let me paint the picture for you: this country has some of the strictest lockdown rules in the world right now.

For starters, two of Australia’s largest states are testing out an app that would force citizens to check in by sending location data and facial photos to local police, proving adherence to quarantine requirements.

To make matters even more terrifying, the state of Queensland is rolling out quarantine facilities called “WellCamps,” where those who test positive for Covid must stay until they’re deemed safe to return to their normal lives… or what’s left of them.

Police are even monitoring TikTok to bust people who dare to defy their lockdown orders.

The scariest part? We’re not talking about these horrific abuses of civil liberties where you might typically expect them: say, Venezuela, Cuba, Soviet Russia, or China. You know, authoritarian nations.

Up until the last 18 months, Australia has been hailed as one of the freest and most advanced countries in the world. It currently ranks #3 on the Heritage Foundation’s economic freedom index.

Which leads me to the reason I’m talking about the current events of an isolated island in the South Pacific: it’s not far-fetched to think that these atrocities could happen in the United States.

In fact, we would be stupid not to take this as a warning.

Unlike Australia, the United States has a Bill of Rights. It acknowledges our civil liberties and holds our government accountable to protecting them. Because of this, we’ve historically enjoyed far greater freedoms than many other countries.

But unfortunately, these civil liberties don’t mean anything when our politicians pretend they don’t exist… and nobody wants to remind them they’re wrong.

We might as well raid the National Archives and put the Constitution through the shredder if we’re not going to step up and demand our civil liberties be respected, “unprecedented times” or not.

Australia’s descent into dystopian horror started with a vain attempt to stop a virus from running its natural course. Applause for lockdowns that led to “Covid Zero” in 2020 set the stage for the collapse of a liberal democracy in 2021.

These things don’t happen overnight. They happen slowly and systematically until it’s too late to rein in the powers responsible for robbing us of our most basic freedoms.

In our children’s book The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis, this concept of a slowly growing government is illustrated as a friendly unicorn that turns into a horrific monster.

In this story, thanks to “good intentions,” Leviathan is allowed to grow into a horrific beast that threatens our most basic human liberties… Which, as recent history has shown, happens faster than you’d think.

If you’re wondering how to talk to your children about the consequences of letting the government get away with whatever it wants, this book is a great place to start.

To avoid facing the same tyrannical fate as Australia, it’s going to take radical action. For starters, teaching our kids to care about their freedom—even when it’s not popular. Especially when it’s not popular. 

It’s time to get proactive, and make sure the send-me-a-quarantine-selfie-police never make it to the Land of the Free.

Join us, and let’s fight the good fight… starting with our own families.


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