How Can Our Kids Learn About Current Events?

The Tuttle Twins books teach about timeless principles.

But what about all the other ideas and events your children need to learn about?

Introducing the Tuttle Times—a new monthly magazine for children ages 5-12 with lessons, activities, and projects to learn all kinds of important information about how the world works.

And even better? We’ve got all kinds of additional content we’ll be exclusively offering to the members of our new:

Big Ideas, Explained Simply

Monthly Magazine Fun!

Our 20-page printed magazines will be shipped to your home each month! These will be filled with fun information, fully illustrated explainers, projects, interviews, and more.

And this monthly cadence is important to help keep the minds of your children engaged in the ideas of freedom, providing them with new perspectives and questions to think about as they go throughout their daily life.

(Chances are, parents are going to learn a thing or two in the magazines, too!)

And even better, if you sign up for the Tuttle Twins Tribe, you’ll also get all these awesome add-ons included:

  • Digital Version: We’ll provide you with an account where you can access downloadable PDFs of ALL magazines, including past ones! 
  • Swag Welcome Box: You’ll get our intro kit via mail which includes exclusive Tuttle Twins stickers, buttons, and magnets!
  • Private Community Group: You’ll be able to join our exclusive Facebook group for the Tribe where we’ll share some special content (some of which is spelled out below).
  • Monthly Discussion/Q&A with Connor: Once your kids have read the magazine and done some of the activities, they’ll be able to learn directly from Connor about the ideas from that month’s magazine. Ask questions, interact, and learn!
  • Weekly Writing Prompts: In your online account, you’ll be able to access printables for each week that encourage your children to put down their thoughts about what they’ve learned.
  • Exclusive Discounts: To make our Tribe feel special, you’ll get unique coupon codes and opportunities to get special discounts.
  • Behind the Scenes Content: See what our team is working on while it’s in progress, and share your input and ideas!
  • Early Access to New Books: Be able to buy our new Tuttle Twins books before anyone else…

Two Options for You:

Monthly magazine

$ 49 Annually
  • Printed monthly magazine full of articles, activities, projects, and interviews

NOTE: You must order by August 19 to receive the September magazine.

TRIBE membership

$ 99 Annually
  • Printed monthly magazine full of articles, activities, projects, and interviews
  • Welcome box with exclusive swag: stickers, magnets, and buttons
  • Digital versions, current and past issues
  • Private community group
  • Monthly discussion/Q&A with Connor
  • Weekly writing prompts
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Early access to new books

NOTE: Due to shipping costs, this magazine subscription is only available to USA residents.

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