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Hey Readers!
How did you like this month’s issue all about social responsibility? We wanted to talk about this because sometimes it’s hard to know what we owe to others and what we should expect them to owe to us and we wanted to explore the topic more.

We hope you enjoy the online resources from this issue!

Page 4: What Do We Owe Each Other?
The Future of Freedom Foundation: TGIF: What Social Creatures Owe Each Other

Page 10: The Way The World Works: Robin Hood, Socialist or Hero?
Podcast episode 105: Is Robin Hood a Hero or Socialist Villain?

Page 10: Robin Hood Hat Craft Activity Instructions

Page 14: Interactive Crossword Puzzle – PLAY BELOW!
Or: ONLINE INTERACTIVE VERSION with hints & solution
Or: Blank Printable Puzzle
Or: just see the solution

Page 15: June 2022 Printable Coloring Page
PDF Download: Is9_Jun22_Coloring Page

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