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Hey Readers!
How did you like this month’s issue about freedom and history? It’s a perfect time of year to talk about this topic – it was also a perfect time to expand to 20 pages instead of our usual 16 pages!

We hope you enjoy the online resources from this issue & that you have a wonderful July!

Page 4: The Story Behind America’s History
Check out the history book here!

Page 6: How To Investigate History on Your Own
National Archives
Digital Public Library of America
Library of Congress
Hathi Trust
Internet Archive 

Page 14: Interactive Word Search Activity – PLAY BELOW!
Or: Blank Printable Puzzle
Or: just see the solution

Page 16: The Way The World Works: A Tale of Two Revolutions
Podcast Episode 175: How Were the French & American Revolutions Different?

Page 18: Jr. Readers, Past, Present, or Both?
Printable Venn diagram page

Page 19: July 2022 Printable Coloring Page
PDF Download: Is10_Jul22_Coloring Page

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