Hey Readers!
What did you think about August’s topsy-turvy cover? The Tuttle Twins‘ illustrator Elijah Stanfield came up with this idea and we thought it was a fun way to show the ups and downs of inflation! Inflation is such a big topic in today’s world so we hope you enjoy learning more about it in this issue and that you have a wonderful August!

Page 5 & 6: Then & Now Inflation Tracker
Printable blank Inflation Tracker
Article on the Inflation Rate Formula & how to calculate it

Page 14: The Way The World Works: What Is Subjective Value?
Podcast Episode 249: What Is Subjective Value?

Page 17: Logic Grid Puzzle
Printable Blank Logic Grid Puzzle
Or: just see the SOLUTION

Page 18: Which Price Is Right?
Printable cut & paste

Page 19: August 2022 Printable Coloring Page
PDF Download: Is11_Aug22_Coloring Page

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