How Can Our Kids Learn About Current Events?

Our popular Tuttle Twins books teach about timeless principles. But what about all the other ideas and events your children need to learn about?

Introducing the Tuttle Times—a monthly magazine for children ages 5-12 with lessons, activities, and projects to learn all kinds of important information about how the world works.

And even better? Get the Magazine Plus subscription and every month you’ll get additional activities and aids to gain even more value from the monthly magazine. We also include a short Parent’s Guide inside to help mom and dad better understand what the kids are learning about in each month’s issue!

Other kids’ magazines have gone woke and added all kinds of junk to their content. Not so with the Tuttle Twins team. Our trusted magazine introduces your children to true history, powerful principles, and actionable ideas!

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Big Ideas, Explained Simply

Monthly Magazine Fun!

Our 20-page printed magazines will be shipped to your home each month! These will be filled with fun information, fully illustrated explainers, projects, interviews, and more.

And this monthly cadence is important to help keep the minds of your children engaged in the ideas of freedom, providing them with new perspectives and questions to think about as they go throughout their daily life.

(Chances are, parents are going to learn a thing or two in the magazines, too!)

And even better, if you upgrade to Magazine Plus, you’ll also get all these awesome add-ons included:

  • Digital Versions: We’ll provide you with an account where you can access downloadable PDFs of ALL magazines, including all of our past issues!
  • Monthly Plus Pack: Every month you’ll be emailed a PDF document—our feature-rich “Plus Pack”—which will have things like:
    • Extra activities related to that month’s topic, such as mad libs, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more.
    • Printable coloring page(s) for younger readers.
    • Writing prompts that encourage reflection and analysis on some of the ideas discussed that month.
    • Parent’s Guide, providing detailed explanations about some of the new ideas discussed in that months’ issue
    • Puzzle Solutions, providing a key to answer hard-to-solve activities in the magazine

See an example Plus Pack here!

Two Offers to Choose From:

Monthly magazine

$ 49 Annually
  • Printed monthly magazine full of articles, activities, projects, and interviews

NOTE: July's magazine is already being prepared for delivery. You will receive a printed copy beginning in August.

Magazine PLUS

$ 99 Annually
  • Printed monthly magazine full of articles, activities, projects, and interviews
  • Digital versions of current and all past issues
  • 20+ page bonus "Plus Pack" every month with activities, lessons, resources, and Parent Guide

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NOTE: Due to shipping costs, this magazine subscription is only available to USA residents.