"With high inflation, it's never been more important to use the Tuttle Twins books to teach your kids what's happening. Get this free book!"

— Glenn Beck

In partnership with Glenn Beck, we are offering a free paperback copy of our children’s book that teaches about money and inflation. Limited offer, only while supplies last. Book is free, you only pay shipping.

Why Does Glenn Beck Recommend this Book?

Why do things cost more today than they did years ago… or last week? Our fun children's book helps explain how money works.


Why Are We Giving Away This Book?

Our Tuttle Twins books are making a difference in the lives of children and their parents. We’ve sold over 4 million copies so far. But there are still so many families that haven’t read them yet, and so many children that are only hearing “one side of the story.” Our mission is to reach even more homes.

We’re confident that if you read one book, you’ll be interested in the rest. It’s the reason we offer a free money-back guarantee for folks that buy our complete book sets.

So, we’re giving away a free copy of The Tuttle Twins and the Creature From Jekyll Island while our surplus printing supply lasts. We’re sure it will be a hit in your house. We chose this book because inflation is at record highs. Politicians and media outlets are busy spinning up excuses for inflation without addressing the core reasons for it. And families like yours need to understand what’s really happening—and what you can do about it.

Inflation is a hot issue, and will continue to be in the news for the near future. Reading the Tuttle Twins and the Creature From Jekyll Island will give your kids real answers about what is going on, and what to do about it.


Teach Your Child About
Money and Inflation

For a limited time, just pay shipping and get our children’s book for FREE

Me and Glenn, who strongly recommends parents get the Tuttle Twins books for their children!

What Is Inflation?
How Can We Fight Against It?

The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island

Learning how money really works is one of the most important (and difficult) things to teach.

The Tuttle Twins use stories and illustrations to present these concepts in a fun and interesting way that children can easily understand.

In our book, inflation and markets come to life as Ethan and Emily explore a farmer’s market and county fair to understand just how controlling the “Creature from Jekyll Island” (the inflation monster) can be.

But what is the creature—and why can it raise prices and steal people’s money? And what exactly is money, anyway? Your children will discover the answers to these and other questions in this engaging and energetic book!

And for a limited time, it’s yours—free. All you need to pay is the shipping cost!

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