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Teach Your Kids About Inflation (And More)

Why do things cost more today than they did years ago… or last week? Our fun children's book helps explain how money works.


Dear Parent,

If you’re like me, you’re worried about where things are headed. Supply chains are broken, financial markets are in turmoil, and inflation is going supersonic.

Politicians are happy to blame anything and everything but themselves for these problems. They say that inflation is the fault of Covid-19 or Russia, or that it’s just temporary, or worse—that we should be thankful for inflation!

Major facepalm.

But here’s the problem: many adults don’t know how inflation actually works. They don’t know who or what is actually to blame. And so they don’t know what to teach their kids. 

To make matters worse, the public school system, the mainstream media, and the entertainment industry aren’t helping. They are openly pushing crazy ideas and woke-ism into the minds of our kids every day.

Just recently, an elementary school in my community plastered the wall with the ABCs of socialist activism — teaching kids terms such as “W is for woke,” “S is for social justice,” and “A is for activist.”

Teach Your Child About
Money and Inflation

For a limited time, just pay shipping and get our children’s book for FREE
Just enter code: JKFREE

These radical messages work their way into school curriculum, movies, advertising, and social media platforms to persuade our impressionable children.

Parents like you struggle to find educational material that doesn’t lie about our nation’s history or teach that the government is the solution to our problems.

You want to help your children learn about true history, sound money, personal freedom and responsibility, entrepreneurship, individual rights, and more.

You find yourself asking, “What exactly are my children learning at school…?”

And even if you homeschool, you are always on the hunt for a new curriculum to make sure your children are being taught good principles and true ideas.

But most curriculum is dumbed down and leaves out the essential truths that children and adults need to know. 

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create books and curriculum materials that teach students the values of a free society—ideas that support your family values.

And for a limited time, we’re offering you a free copy of our “Creature from Jekyll Island” book that teaches how money and information works.

Freedom-loving parents like you might question whether your kids could be interested in—and understand!—these real-world concepts.

Take it from me — I’ve been blown away at how well kids understand and love these ideas when you explain them simply, with fully illustrated, fun stories. 

And what’s critical is that we empower our children to understand these time-tested principles so that they can recognize and reject the brainwashing they will be bombarded with in the world. 

Fortunately, parents like you don’t have to do this alone. That’s why we created the Tuttle Twins books!

Why Are We Giving Away This Book?

Our Tuttle Twins books are making a difference in the lives of children and their parents. We’ve sold over 3.5 million copies so far. But there are still so many families that haven’t read them yet, and so many children that are only hearing “one side of the story.” Our mission is to reach even more homes.

We’re confident that if you read one book, you’ll be interested in the rest. It’s the reason we offer a free money-back guarantee for folks that buy our complete book sets.

So, we’re giving away a free copy of The Tuttle Twins and the Creature From Jekyll Island while our surplus printing supply lasts. We’re sure it will be a hit in your house. We chose this book because inflation is at record highs. Politicians and media outlets are busy spinning up excuses for inflation without addressing the core reasons for it. And families like yours need to understand what’s really happening—and what you can do about it.

What Is Inflation?
How Can We Fight Against It?

The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island

Learning how money really works is one of the most important (and difficult) things to teach.

The Tuttle Twins use stories and illustrations to present these concepts in a fun and interesting way that children can easily understand.

In our book, inflation and markets come to life as Ethan and Emily explore a farmer’s market and county fair to understand just how controlling the “Creature from Jekyll Island” (the inflation monster) can be.

But what is the creature—and why can it raise prices and steal people’s money? And what exactly is money, anyway? Your children will discover the answers to these and other questions in this engaging and energetic book!

And for a limited time, it’s yours—free. All you need to pay is the shipping cost!

Teach Your Child About
Money and Inflation

For a limited time, just pay shipping and get our children’s book for FREE
Just enter code: JKFREE

With our books, your children will learn things like:

  • Why a free market economy is the greatest way to lift people out of poverty and allow people to trade with one another.
  • How property rights allows us to decide what’s best for us, and make decisions for our family.
  • Why the world is a better place because of entrepreneurs who create businesses to help serve us and improve our lives.
  • What socialism is and why it is so destructive to our freedoms and well being.
  • How the Golden Rule is so important to people getting along with one another, no matter where we live, what we look like, or what we believe.
  • Why education is so important, and why children should be allowed to learn things they are interested in.
  • What true laws are, and why the government should protect our rights.
  • …and so much more!

And each of our books come with discussion questions at the end, helping parents like you have amazing conversations with their children about these rich ideas.

We get emails daily from parents who are blown away at how much they learned alongside their children—and how their conversations over dinner have “leveled up” by talking about real-world concepts about what’s happening in the world.

You owe it to your children to give them this well-rounded education that schools aren’t teaching—and the Tuttle Twins books make it super easy for you.

Your children can read these books on their own, or you can read along with them — and be sure to use the FREE activity workbooks we provide, to reinforce these new ideas your children will be learning.

What Makes Our Books So Different?

The Tuttle Twins’ Book Series Introduces Important Ideas That Schools Don’t Teach.

There aren’t any other children’s books that present a vast array of free-market topics in such a fun way. The books teach relevant freedom-based concepts that most of us were never taught as kids. But it’s not too late!

The Tuttle Twins books challenges children to learn “adult” ideas—and they love it! We explain these ideas simply, and with helpful illustrations… and we’ve been amazed at how well kids rise to this challenge. Yours will, too. 

These stimulating stories encourage children to make sense of the world—and we’ve heard so much fun stories about how this is working so well.

One mom wrote us this: “I took my kids to the grocery store a few days after we read one of the Tuttle Twins books about free markets. We were walking down the chip aisle when my son pointed to the 18 kinds of potato chips and said Hey, that’s spontaneous order! I kid you not. My kids know economic ideas that I didn’t even understand until we read the book together. So awesome!”

And I recently got this email from another mom: “I’ve been so anxious about the state of our world and what to share with my children. Now we read Tuttle Twins books each night and it has been so helpful to talk to my kids about things like individual rights, the proper role of government, and what it means to be free. These discussions are so meaningful to our family, and they wouldn’t be happening without these books. Thank you so much!”

That’s what our books are about: helping you have amazing conversations with your children about the ideas that built our amazing country but which are now under attack. 

For too long, parents have lacked a language to communicate these concepts to their kids.

But not any longer. That problem has been solved with the Tuttle Twins books!

What Do Our Books Teach?

In a fun adventure that involves pirates and plunder, Ethan and Emily learn about law, liberty, and limited government. Unlike any other book, this story helps children learn what individual rights are and how true laws help protect them from bad guys.

Ethan and Emily have taken for granted the many things they use: clothes, cars, homes, backpacks—even something as simple as a pencil. On their trip to an amazing factory, the twins learn about the miracle and importance of the free market.

The twins learn all about bartering, inflation, and money as they uncover the mystery of how a powerful creature is stealing their grandparents’ hard-earned savings, and how they can fight back to protect the money they make in their family business!

Teaming up with their food truck friends, the twins discover laws that create unfair advantages and protectionist policies. Ethan and Emily learn about competition as they launch a campaign to win public support and overturn the bad regulations.

Unintended consequences abound as the Tuttles uncover why the new Surfdom resort is causing their favorite beach to lose public interest. Uncle Ben joins the twins to help shine some light on the collectivist and central planning problems.

Summer camp turns into a heated rivalry between competing teams, but Chief Ron helps the twins and their teammates learn the dangers of aggression, revenge, and blowback—and why peace and friendship are important principles!

In a world filled with consumers, what happens if the producers give up and leave? And how can people better practice personal responsibility and not have a sense of entitlement about the things they think they deserve? Join Ethan and Emily to find out!

The twins recognize an opportunity and, with the support of family and friends, navigate the exciting and tiring world of entrepreneurship! Your kids will learn the ins and outs of becoming a business owner in this inspiring installment in the series!

In a world where dystopian fiction might seem too close to reality, Ethan and Emily learn that the fate of the future depends on thinking of ways we can work together peacefully, to build a better society without relying on coercion and the state.

After hearing award-winning teacher John Taylor Gatto discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure to discover true education.

After making some money, the twins decide to loan it out to other kids like them in order to earn some interest—and in the process learn about risk, bailouts, subsidies, and what happens when their children’s market gets messed up.

Politicians want us to be scared so that we will surrender our freedoms by asking them to grow government. The twins play a fun game that helps them realize that ignorance makes us targets for despots who want to control us.

With their Uncle Brock struggling to figure out how to build a successful life, the twins create a boot camp experience to whip him into shape with 12 rules he should practice for good living.

Sales of Tuttle Twins Books are Staggering!

When we started selling these books, we weren’t sure if there would be demand. We made them as a labor of love—because we believe in these ideas so strongly.

But we quickly learned that there were many parents out there who shared our values and our concerns with the world—and who were desperate to find material like this to teach their children about why freedom is so important.

And today, millions of children are reading the Tuttle Twins books, learning the dangers of socialism, the benefits of freedom, the importance of entrepreneurship, and more!

Each day we hear from families who have newly discovered these materials, expressing their gratitude. Sometimes they’re even upset… that they didn’t find the books years ago!

Amandah wanted her kids to know about the principles of liberty and free markets, but she didn’t think they would have any interest. The Tuttle Twins give her kids the ability to learn “big kid” ideas (that most adults have never learned) and make it super easy for her, as a busy mom, to make sure her children learn valuable concepts. She was surprised and delighted that her kids were actually excited to read the books.

Cassandra and her husband have three small children and are both very politically involved. They are passionate about liberty, but it goes over their kid’s heads when they have conversations. They had a hard time teaching what liberty means to their children. The whole family was thrilled when the Tuttle Twins came out and made these topics relatable—and the kids ate it up quickly

The Cost of NOT Getting These Books

There’s a high cost to our society when these ideas aren’t taught to children. Why? It’s quite simple: our kids become voters.

Ignorant voters support laws that restrict our rights and hurt businesses. Even worse, they miss out on valuable principles that improve their life.

The current political and economic climate is coming to a critical tipping point, and socialism’s popularity is on the rise. You need to educate your children about the ideas of freedom today—because people you strongly disagree with will be exposing them to all kinds of bad ideas in the days ahead.

Ordering Now Gives You an Early Advantage!

There are plenty of reasons to get the Tuttle Twins books today:

  • We have a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee (for those that purchase our book bundles)
  • Over 4 million copies of the books have been sold, with ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews from people around the world
  • Your children will learn amazing, important things very soon with these books

Our children’s books are for kids age 5-11, but the magic of this content—and our amazing illustrations—is that younger and older children are attracted to learning from the books, too.

And more than half of the parents who buy our books indicate that they learned a lot, too! (Maybe we should send a few copies to Congress…)

You care about the principles of freedom, and with the Tuttle Twins, you now have a way to teach these values to your children.

As a father, I know how hard it is to communicate big ideas to little kids. For example, how do you teach an eight-year-old boy about the free market in a way that will be relevant to him? How can a six-year-old girl understand property rights? How can your child learn about and remember the Golden Rule?

And more than getting them to learn about the ideas… how do you get them to care about them?

As the founder and president of a thriving non-profit and the author of over two dozen books, I’ve spent years trying to figure out simple and effective ways of teaching other people important principles. Along the way, I came to realize something: kids can understand these ideas, too.

And now that we’ve sold over 4 million copies, the market has spoken… countless parents agree and are seeing the magic play out in their homes.

These families have been able to have some amazing conversations about big ideas—even with their little children. So get the books today and watch your child develop important critical thinking skills and insight about ideas that most adults don’t even understand.4

How does it work?

You can read these books to your kids, or they can simply read them themselves. Once they do, they will have the vocabulary to ask questions that lead to inspiring conversations. And with this new perspective, They will be encouraged to learn even more, ask bigger questions, and even take action—like writing an elected official or starting a small business.

Our optional activity workbooks and parent guides will enhance the process and enable you as a parent to make sure your child learns all of the many principles and concepts covered in the Tuttle Twins books.

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