Where are Kids Being Taught Socialism?

The real question is, where are kids NOT being taught socialism?

Kids now get socialism messages in popular shows, from the media, and most disturbingly, even from public school programs.

The first step in protecting kids from negative messages like this is to know how they are being taught.

What's so Bad About Teaching Socialism to Kids?

Recent events show the results of teaching socialist ideals to kids. Younger people are increasingly rejecting American ideals as they turn towards radical concepts. Some go so far as to reject the entire system of democracy and capitalism.

And it’s not just younger people embracing these ideas.
Just consider some of what we’ve seen over the past year:

  • Open acceptance of draconian safety measures to “keep us safe”, including locking down schools, businesses, and households.
  • A rejection of our democratic institutions and even the concept of democracy.
  • New “woke” ideas introduced into the public square (and public schools).
  • A growing percentage of younger people looking favorably on socialism and rejecting democracy.

True students of history know about the horrors of authoritarianism and socialism. They know that hundreds of millions of people throughout the world have been killed, imprisoned and oppressed by these governments in the modern era. 

They know about the many failures socialism has brought to the world. Openly promoting these movements is madness. Yet, that’s exactly what many young Americans are doing – even openly displaying the symbols and rhetoric of failed socialist experiments while proclaiming that it “wasn’t REAL socialism”.