Announcing the Tuttle Twins Meme Contest
Make Memes - Have Fun - Win Prizes - Save the World!

The Tuttle Twins need your help!

Never before has there been such an urgent need to teach children about freedom, our rights, and the dangers of socialism. Many families desperately want to counteract the growing influence of socialist programming in schools, the media, and everyday entertainment. It’s the reason over 4 million books have been sold!

(Scroll down if you’re not familiar with us to see more about our books, magazine, and curriculum.)

The Tuttle Twins have reached many families. But in a time of wokeism and cancel culture that delights in censoring, silencing and “shadow banning” individuals for political reasons, our ability to reach new families is at risk.

That’s why we’re inviting fans like you to help us create new viral memes that will reach even more families so they can learn about the Tuttle Twins!

Let's Make Some Memes!

Let’s get cooking! As long as your meme follows the current meme challenge (and is kid-friendly), anything goes!

Although memes are famous for “recycling” photos and themes, you need to make it your own. Don’t just “copy and paste” from other memes – make it unique.

Check out the contest gallery on this page for some great examples of memes. 

Simply follow the instructions by posting your meme to social media, then submit your link to the original social post on our submission page.

Meme Contest Prizes

The top 3 memes with the most votes during each challenge will receive $100.

1 Point for Instagram likes.

10 Points for each vote logged at  this page. (After submitting your Instagram post, you’ll receive a link you can share with your friends so they can vote for you).

Make a Meme, Save the World!

Helping spread the word about freedom and the Tuttle Twins can be fun and easy.

Simply follow the meme challenge to make an image meme or a very short video (under 20 seconds). 

Your meme might even be used as a Tuttle Twins ad! Ready to be “internet famous”?

Conservative voices are under attack.

Conservatives are being restricted from selling their products on social media (including a series of children’s books this month). The Tuttle Twins could very well be the next victim of this type of big tech censorship.

The truth is that many families and children won’t get a chance to learn about the most important concepts that make us free unless we share these ideas with them.

In a time when socialist propaganda is being forced on children in multiple ways, it’s up to us to make these ideas available to others so they can help their children as well.

We want to make doing this fun!

Big tech is silencing conservative viewpoints.

An Added Bonus: Ebook For Participating

To encourage you and your friends to participate, we’re offering a free copy of an ebook we’re excited about: 

10 Tips For Raising an Entrepreneur

When you invite others to participate in the contest, we encourage you to mention this ebook. It could be as simple as saying: “Tuttle Twins is giving away a new ebook for everyone that votes. Check it out and vote on my meme here.”

Ready to get started? We’re excited to see what you and your family puts together!

What are the Tuttle Twins About?

We’ve made it our mission to create magazines, books and curriculum materials for children and teens that teach students the values of a free society—ideas that support your family values.

The Tuttle Twins are the only books that help children develop critical thinking skills about real-world concepts—sharing ideas with kids that  most adults don’t even know!

Let’s be honest, most children’s books teach very basic ideas, if any at all—they’re full of fluff and silly stories. And while these can be good to develop reading skills and phonetics, they typically don’t teach children important ideas that they can apply in their life.

Our books recognize that the world is full of companies, people, and politicians who want to expose your children to ideas you do not support. 

Children's Book Bundle

In a fun adventure that involves pirates and plunder, Ethan and Emily learn about law, liberty, and limited government. Unlike any other book, this story helps children learn what individual rights are and how true laws help protect them from bad guys.

Ethan and Emily have taken for granted the many things they use: clothes, cars, homes, backpacks—even something as simple as a pencil. On their trip to an amazing factory, the twins learn about the miracle and importance of the free market.

The twins learn all about bartering, inflation, and money as they uncover the mystery of how a powerful creature is stealing their grandparents’ hard-earned savings, and how they can fight back to protect the money they make in their family business!

Teaming up with their food truck friends, the twins discover laws that create unfair advantages and protectionist policies. Ethan and Emily learn about competition as they launch a campaign to win public support and overturn the bad regulations.

Unintended consequences abound as the Tuttles uncover why the new Surfdom resort is causing their favorite beach to lose public interest. Uncle Ben joins the twins to help shine some light on the collectivist and central planning problems.

Summer camp turns into a heated rivalry between competing teams, but Chief Ron helps the twins and their teammates learn the dangers of aggression, revenge, and blowback—and why peace and friendship are important principles!

In a world filled with consumers, what happens if the producers give up and leave? And how can people better practice personal responsibility and not have a sense of entitlement about the things they think they deserve? Join Ethan and Emily to find out!

The twins recognize an opportunity and, with the support of family and friends, navigate the exciting and tiring world of entrepreneurship! Your kids will learn the ins and outs of becoming a business owner in this inspiring installment in the series!

In a world where dystopian fiction might seem too close to reality, Ethan and Emily learn that the fate of the future depends on thinking of ways we can work together peacefully, to build a better society without relying on coercion and the state.

After hearing award-winning teacher John Taylor Gatto discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure to discover true education.

After making some money, the twins decide to loan it out to other kids like them in order to earn some interest—and in the process learn about risk, bailouts, subsidies, and what happens when their children’s market gets messed up.

Politicians want us to be scared so that we will surrender our freedoms by asking them to grow government. The twins play a fun game that helps them realize that ignorance makes us targets for despots who want to control us.

With their Uncle Brock struggling to figure out how to build a successful life, the twins create a boot camp experience to whip him into shape with 12 rules he should practice for good living.

Tuttle Times and Tuttle Tribe

The Tuttle Twins books teach about timeless principles.

But what about all the other ideas and events your children need to learn about?

Introducing the Tuttle Times—a new monthly magazine for children ages 5-12 with lessons, activities, and projects to learn all kinds of important information about how the world works.

Our 16-page printed magazines will be shipped to your home each month! These will be filled with fun information, fully illustrated explainers, projects, interviews, and more.

And this monthly cadence is important to help keep the minds of your children engaged in the ideas of freedom, providing them with new perspectives and questions to think about as they go throughout their daily life.

Choose Your Consequence

Our story books for teenagers (and pre-teens and young adults) feature a series of adventures where the readers control the story! With 33 total story endings between the four books, your kids will be able to observe the outcomes of different economic and political situations that Ethan and Emily—age 15 in this new book series—encounter and have to figure out.

Guidebook Combo

Our illustrated, hardback series of books for pre-teens and teenagers (and adults!) introduce all kinds of important topics: critical thinking, logic, entrepreneurship, hard work, standing up for what is right, and much more! A whopping 806 pages of content will fill your child’s mind with the essential information they need to become well-rounded.

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