The Woke War on Family

It must be a slow-outrage week for the wokies because I recently found myself (once again) in the crosshairs of people who express moral outrage at the idea that parents should be proactive in teaching their children and guiding the way they develop their morals and values. I used to worry that critics were misunderstanding […]

What the WEF and the Fed Have in Common

This week, the global elite arrived by private jet and motorcade in Davos where they plan to spend the next several days lecturing the rest of us about the sacrifices we’ll need to make in order to create a greener and more equitable world. As they dine on the finest cuts of beef, they’ll discuss […]

Finally, the True Story of America’s Founding

Happy Friday! As we find ourselves at the end of the week, and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share something I came across that gave me a little bit of hope. According to a poll conducted by RealClear Opinion Research, the majority of American parents are sick of activist teachers and “new” versions […]

It Turns Out the CDC is Actually Worse Than We Thought

I hate to sound like an alarmist, but… are you kidding me with this??? In today’s episode of, The Government Will Ruin Your Life and Then Tweet About it Gleefully, I present the head of the CDC, Rachael Walensky, celebrating the “sacrifice and suffering” of African American men used as guinea pigs by Big Pharma […]

Student Loan “Forgiveness” is a Ponzi Scheme

Since taking the White House, Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing to make good on his campaign promise to “forgive all undergraduate student loan debt.” That is… until last week. With much fanfare, Biden announced the “cancellation” of 300 billion dollars in loans. I’m sure that this timing is a total coincidence and has absolutely […]

How Government Cronies Made Air Travel Miserable

I remember a time when taking a trip on a plane was a fun experience. A privilege to experience, even! Flash forward to today, and it’s an entirely different story… If you’ve taken a flight lately, you know exactly what I mean. Between a months-long onslaught of canceled flights, seemingly constant delays, a sea of […]

The IRS Auditing Army Grows by 87,000

Yesterday, the U.S. House passed a bill called the “Inflation Reduction Act.” You’d think that would mean that we’re finally shutting down the Federal Reserve (AKA, the Creature from Jekyll Island) or cutting government spending. But you would be wrong. Unfortunately, the names of congressional bills almost never convey the legislation’s actual meaning… Patriot Act, […]

On Recessions and Moving Goalposts

Let’s be real: America’s economy is in the tank. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or economist) to figure that one out. Heck, you just have to set foot in a grocery store! But, dire as our situation is, it’s still not a recession… At least, not according to the “experts.” Never mind […]

Indoctrination Lessons from the Kremlin

Propaganda is everywhere. We’re subject to it under the guise of “public service announcements” to get vaccinated, wear our masks, and stay inside. We see it in movies, on TV, and all over our social media feeds. But the most effective propaganda is the kind that goes unnoticed. The Russian government understands this. It’s why […]

What’s a “Liberal World Order” Anyway?

This week, a White House official named Brian Deese appeared on CNN. As a top economic advisor to Joe Biden, Deese found himself—perhaps unexpectedly—in the hot seat over America’s astronomical cost of living. (I mean… how bad do things have to be for CNN to critically question a Democrat?!) “What do you say to those […]