The Politicians Aren’t Coming to Save You

So Biden isn’t seeking re-election. Color me shocked. And although the news of his decision to ride off into the sunset come January isn’t surprising (not many things that politicians and pundits do surprise me these days), I was a little surprised by just how emotionally attached to Biden a lot of his supporters seem […]

Our kids keep coming back Romans

Indoctrinated by people who hate me

Have you heard the latest from California? Governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB 1955 into law. It’s a bill that prohibits school districts from having policies that require parents to be notified if their child identifies as transgender. Yes, you read that right—California schools can now keep this significant information from parents. Worse, be punished […]

Thomas Sowell x Tuttle Twins

Thomas Sowell and the Tuttle Twins

Happy Wednesday! I heard a song this morning that took me straight back to freshman year. It’s crazy how that happens—one minute you’re just driving along in your grown-up brain, and with just a few chords you’re snatched up and dropped right into a totally different place and time. What a trip. I often compare […]

Operation Mockingbird: Now Playing

Operation: Mockingbird Now Playing

Did you hear the one about the former president who “fell down” amidst “loud noises”? Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? But that’s exactly how the media initially framed Saturday’s assassination attempt on President Trump.  As videos and eyewitness accounts began to surface, it became clear Trump was not, in fact, having a senile […]

The media is abandoning Biden. Buckle up!

Have you seen the footage out of DC this week? Yeesh. The NATO summit provided a front-row seat to some pretty cringey moments. But if you ask me, one of the biggest takeaways is this: I don’t think the media is running cover for Biden anymore.  Of course this begs the question of why, but […]

The data is in. Mandates did nothing but harm

covid mandates - a big nothing burger

Man, sometimes being right is the worst. After years of feeling like we’ve been screaming into the abyss, The Science™ has finally caught up to confirm what so many of us already knew: Lockdowns, masking, social distancing, and vaccine mandates had no discernible impact on the virus.  Color me shocked. Government responses to COVID-19 will […]

George Washington: Global Provocateur

“Oh crap! That’s due tomorrow?!” – Thomas Jefferson, July 3, 1776 (probably) Happy 3rd of July! That imaginary quote always makes me laugh. In part because I’m a writer who knows a thing or two about deadlines sneaking up on you, but also because I like to think about the humanness of historical figures.  One […]

Did you know John Adams said this to his wife?

Happy America Week! As we gear up for the 4th of July festivities, it’s the perfect time to set the record straight about a little-known fact in our nation’s history. While we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th, did you know that the actual declaration of our independence happened on July 2nd? It’s true! It’s […]

About last night…

Well, that was awful.  It’s getting hard to tell if what we’re watching is political theater or some newly invented form of torture. Last night’s presidential debate was nothing short of a spectacle. Biden’s performance seemed to solidify what many of us have suspected for a while now—he is cognitively unwell. Even the media, usually […]

Stanley Milgram Tried to Warn Us

Do you ever feel like you’re the only sentient being in a sea of robots? Whether it’s the latest headline, a new social movement, or a government directive, there’s a disturbing trend of people just accepting information at face value and then feverishly repeating and defending it.  I’m pretty confident there’s a connection between this […]