Do We Have to Cancel Everyone?

Even in the midst of all the chaos of the past week, cancel culture has found time to rear its ugly head. Tech, social media, and publishing companies have started to censor conservatives activists, politicians, and even the President. These tech companies feel like it is their responsibility to silence these voices so incidences like […]


If anyone would like to know what kids are being taught in schools, the first place to look is Tik Tok, and some of the most recent trends on the platform have had me reaching for Tuttle Twins materials. Recently, the social media platform has been trending with the hashtag #RetailMadeMe where users told stories […]

The Virus That is Attacking Our Values

In the middle of a crisis, the truth always comes out. If it hasn’t been evident enough over the past couple of months, a recent NPR article made it abundantly clear that the elites do not like the American public and have no interest in preserving its values. The government-funded media outlet called out the […]

A Festivus For The Rest of Us

Does anyone else remember that Seinfeld episode where instead of celebrating Christmas George’s father celebrates Festivus? It’s the celebration that begins with the annual airing of all of their grievances and ends with physical punishment. I feel like that is what Congress turns Christmas into every year, because I have a lot of problems with Congress, and […]

The One Good Thing To Come From The Pandemic

In 2020, good news can be hard to find, but it still exists. We are all in need of some good news, especially after how hard this year has been on most people, and every situation has a silver lining. One of the silver linings with COVID-19, and the subsequent government overreach, is that people […]

This Santa Belongs On The Naughty List

I miss the days when kids could go maskless to see Santa at the mall, and when they told him what they want, he would nod without injecting his opinion. Long gone are those days because, now, even Santa has a political agenda this Christmas season.  This past week, a video went viral of a 4-year-old boy […]

Why Do We Let the Media’s Fear Tactics Control Us

A member of my staff sent me this image the other day, and it could not be more relevant for the world we live in today. The image is a depiction of the media programming into their viewers’ minds the next narrative for them to be upset about or fearful of. As small businesses have […]

Why Are Socialists the Best Capitalists?

The heroine of the far-left has taken up a new cause this winter, selling overpriced anti-capitalist merchandise. Gross. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest fundraising scheme is to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts with different pro-socialism phrases. You read that right. AOC is selling swag with catchy slogans like “Cancel Student Debt” and “Drink Water and Don’t Be Racist”—and […]

Why does Andrew Cuomo Hate Thanksgiving?

With the latest group of Covid-19 restrictions, I thought we had seen the brunt of the attacks on our personal liberty. These actions also allow for some concerning precedents that might be abused, even more than they are now, by future elected officials. I had expected that we weren’t done with the heavy-handed restrictions. (I […]

Small Businesses Were the Real Election Loser

Regardless of who you wanted to win last week, I’ll tell you who the real winner was. Big government! The nature of government is that it continues to grow, no matter who is in charge. That’s the sad reality our books are designed to combat. In the last several months, for example, the government has […]