Suggestions for Supplementing Your Child’s Education

It’s natural to worry about your child’s education. It can be especially concerning when you feel that they’re not learning enough in school. While this is a common concern among many parents, the good news is that there are ways to supplement your child’s education and help them to learn more effectively. Enter The Tuttle Twins: […]

Parent Advocacy and the Changing Influence of Teachers and Schools

Reflecting on the Past: An Era of Simplicity In the recent past, public education was straightforward, focusing on imparting the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Schools were places of learning, communication, and socialization, providing opportunities to master skills, explore interests and talents, and interact with peers. The curriculum was limited to what was in […]

High School Curriculum for Homeschooled Students: A Guide for Parents

Did you know that a lot of parents stop homeschooling when their kids reach high school because they’re afraid that they’re going to do it wrong? Don’t be that parent! Your homeschooled teens need you now, more than ever. You have the unique opportunity to shape your child’s high school education and tailor it to their […]

Parenting Trends That Just Make Sense!

Uncomplicated parenting is making a comeback, and we’re here for it! Raising a family is a challenging, yet rewarding experience that is filled with surprises, laughter, and love. With so many opinions and parenting advice available today, it can be confusing to determine what works best for your family. In this article, we’ll explore some […]

How Central Planners Steal Our Wealth and Make Us Less Safe

What happens when the people making decisions suffer no consequences if they’re wrong? The term “Law of Unintended Consequences” is often used to describe the unexpected and unintended outcomes of actions taken by individuals, particularly those in government. What Does the Law of Unintended Consequences Mean? The law of unintended consequences refers to the idea […]

How To Foster Your Child’s Curiosity and Love of Learning

Unleash the Power of Curiosity! Do you remember the excitement of learning about something new when you were a child? The thrill of discovery, the rush of finding out more about the world around you. That’s what curiosity is all about. It’s the innate desire to explore, understand and expand our knowledge. Curiosity is a […]

Why You Need the Tuttle Twins Books

As a father of two and the author of the Tuttle Twins series of books, I have a strong conviction that parents need to be using these books and accompanying curriculum to supplement their children’s education. There is a growing need for alternative educational resources that emphasize a classical liberal arts education, while also promoting […]

Teaching Kids to Persevere in the Face of Adversity

Over the last several years, we have witnessed many people bravely rise above the challenges of business failures, unemployment, illness, and loss. It’s inspiring to see their persistence in the face of difficulties that have overwhelmed others. To become better people, we can learn from their examples and understand the traits that make some people […]