On Global Taxes and Leviathan Crises

Have you ever heard of the Group of Twenty? You might know it better by its nickname, the G20. It’s a conference of government bank ministers and officials from the 19 richest countries in the world, plus the European Union. Members meet each year to discuss policy, strategize, and, in theory, work to make their […]

Presidents, Pandemics, and the Road to Surfdom

It’s no secret that Presidents love to use and abuse executive power. They use it to skirt the legislative process, appeal to voters, and get what they want out of their presidency. Since taking office 75 days ago, President Biden has signed 37 executive orders. Many of those were signed in the first week, regarding […]

The Tuttle Twins Come Around to Socialism

I imagine that subject line comes as a surprise, but hear me out. After seeing how awesome socialism has worked for other countries throughout history, future books we publish will have the Tuttle Twinsbecome Marxists. Emily and Ethan will abandon their love of freedom, and aspire to join the“Squad” in their adventures to mobilize America’s […]

The “Vaccine Passport” Trojan Horse

This week, it was reported that the Biden Administration is developing a “Vaccine Passport.” News outlets claim this will come in the form of a scannable barcode showing proof of a vaccination or recent negative test. It could be used to enter planes, restaurants, concerts, sporting events, and the workplace. If you weren’t born with […]

The Magical World of “Wage Gap” Myths

In America, you can sue people for a lot of reasons. But you can’t sue the law of supply and demand. At least, not effectively. Of course, silly old facts aren’t known for getting in the way of compelling cultural narratives. Enter soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who announced at the White House this week that […]

Dr. Fauci Goes to Washington… And Gets a Kid’s Book Deal

It’s been a pretty great year for Anthony Fauci. Yeah, there’s the whole pandemic thing. Record unemployment, business shutdowns that went from “temporary” to permanent, kids set back years in their education by school closures… but Dr. Fauci has it better than ever. He’s enjoyed unlimited time in the spotlight, is the highest paid official […]

Why don’t we just cancel rent?

“Why don’t we just cancel everybody’s rent?” It’s an innocent enough question when it’s coming from a child. You may have even heard it from your own kids before. Combine a desire to help others with a lack of education on property rights and scarcity, and these types of questions are pretty much inevitable. The […]

Actually, Robin Hood Wasn’t a Socialist

“Rob from the rich, give to the poor”… the famous mantra of a famous socialist, right? Wrong. Despite what Bernie Sanders and his gang of eat-the-rich lefties or McCarthyist protesters have tried to tell us about Robin Hood’s so-called communist creed, this classic character was actually a champion for individual rights and small government. For starters, […]

The Danger of Raising Free Thinkers (Hint: it’s Jail)

With all this talk of “kids in cages” lately (or, when it was only Trump doing it…), I thought I might share some musings on the subject. Oh, did you think I meant immigrants at our Southern border? Nope. I’m talking about two teenagers who were arrested for putting anti-lockdown stickers on telephone poles in […]

On Read Across America Day, Dr. Seuss Gets the Boot

Happen to have any copies of To Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street or If I Ran The Zoo sitting on your kids’ bookshelf? If so, you’re sitting on some serious collector’s items… or contraband, depending on who you ask. You may be wondering why on earth some of the world’s most popular kids’ […]