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Project Details

The Tuttle Twins series has now found its way into over 75,000 homes, and 450,000 copies have now been distributed.

Building on that success, we’re now looking to develop a series of ten 20-minute episodes that expound on the ideas we’ve taught in our book series, helping reach a far broader audience.

See below for a one-minute demo that showcases how the cartoon might look.

Once produced, the cartoon will be monetized in order to generate revenue, and proceeds will be donated to The Association for Teaching Kids Economics, allowing us to extend the impact of this cartoon series far beyond the children who watch it themselves.

This revenue will allow us to reach hundreds of thousands of new children in K-8 schools with free market economic content; we will also split the cartoons into segments that teachers can use to introduce these topics and help their students learn.

If you can help with this project, please email Connor Boyack directly at

Here’s the demo clip:


What will be the format for the cartoon series?

We’ll be shooting for a similar style to the familiar and popular “Martha Speaks” cartoon series. Each episode will be just over 20 minutes long, affording us the ability to later place the series on standard television if the opportunity arises.

What will the cartoons teach?

We will tentatively structure each episode to cover the same issues as are contained in the books, allowing us a different format — and more time — to expound on the ideas we write about. And the series will utilize a slightly more humorous approach, helping us attract an even broader audience to watch — and rewatch — the cartoons.

Who will be involved?

We have already begun assembling a team of vendors with the skills and passion for this type of project. Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins books, will oversee the project while Elijah Stanfield, the illustrator, will lead the artistic development.

We will be collaborating with a team of creative and comedy writers to draft each script while a proverbial army of animators will be tasked with the heavy lifting of producing the visual content.

How will the cartoon be distributed?

We are in discussions to distribute the cartoons through VidAngel, a family-friendly media platform that is producing original content. This would immediately tap us into an entirely new — and large — network of families who would watch our cartoons yet who aren’t currently familiar with the books.

We will also consider other platforms, and eventually television, in order to get as many people as possible to watch the cartoons, learn these ideas, and engage with our material to continue building a foundation of freedom.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the cartoon quality and script writing format, we anticipate a budget between $1.4 to $2.2 million to produce the ten episodes. This covers costs of creative/comedy writing, storyboarding, wireframing, animating, voice work, and production.

We are seeking donors who understand the importance of investing in the rising generation and planting seeds for future harvesting. No other effort is educating the 5-12 year old demographic, and it’s at our collective peril that we wait so long to teach free market ideas to young people.

Will the cartoon generate revenue?

We will monetize the cartoon, whether on the VidAngel platform, YouTube, or alternative. The purpose is to not only broadly educate the public, but also to generate revenue that can extend the life of the project well into the future.

All proceeds from this project will be provided to The Association for Teaching Kids Economics, a nonprofit that helps K-8 students learn free market ideas in the classroom. Using the Tuttle Twins material along with other resources, this organization educates and empowers teachers with curriculum, books, videos, training, and other resources to help their young students understand economics.

We anticipate earning enough revenue within four years to make up for the initial contribution. In other words, donations to this project will not only produce an effective, educational cartoon series to reach hundreds of thousands of young people, but we’ll also be extending the impact on an ongoing basis to reach hundreds of thousands of additional children in the classroom who would have otherwise never encountered our material and these important ideas.

How can I help?

We have a network in place to execute this project once funding is obtained.

As such, what we urgently need is one or more philanthropists who understand the importance and impact of this investment and can help make it a reality.

Those interested can email Connor Boyack directly at; a pitch deck, proposal, or other material can be provided upon request.