The Tuttle Twins Series

#1: The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law

In a fun adventure that involves pirates and plunder, Ethan and Emily learn about law, liberty, and limited government. Unlike any other book, this story helps children learn what individual rights are and how true laws help protect them from bad guys.

This book is based off of The Law by Frédéric Bastiat.

#2: The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil

Ethan and Emily have taken for granted the many things they use: clothes, cars, homes, backpacks—even something as simple as a pencil. On their trip to an amazing factory, the twins learn about the miracle and importance of the free market.

This book is based off I, Pencil by Leonard Read.

#3: The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island

The twins learn all about bartering, inflation, and money as they uncover the mystery of how a powerful creature is stealing their grandparents’ hard-earned savings, and how they can fight back to protect the money they make in their family business!

This book is based off The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

#4: The Tuttle Twins and the Food Truck Fiasco

Teaming up with their food truck friends, the twins discover laws that create unfair advantages and protectionist policies. Ethan and Emily learn about competition as they launch a campaign to win public support and overturn the bad regulations.

This book is based off Economics in One Lessons by Henry Hazlitt.

#5: The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom

Unintended consequences abound as the Tuttles uncover why the new Surfdom resort is causing their favorite beach to lose public interest. Uncle Ben joins the twins to help shine some light on the collectivist and central planning problems.

This book is based off The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek.

#6: The Tuttle Twins and the Golden Rule

Summer camp turns into a heated rivalry between competing teams, but Chief Ron helps the twins and their teammates learn the dangers of aggression, revenge, and blowback—and why peace and friendship are important principles!

This book is based off A Foreign Policy of Freedom by Ron Paul.

#7: The Tuttle Twins and the Search for Atlas

In a world filled with consumers, what happens if the producers give up and leave? And how can people better practice personal responsibility and not have a sense of entitlement about the things they think they deserve? Join Ethan and Emily to find out!

This book is based off Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

#8: The Tuttle Twins and their Spectacular Show Business

The twins recognize an opportunity and, with the support of family and friends, navigate the exciting and tiring world of entrepreneurship! Your kids will learn the ins and outs of becoming a business owner in this inspiring installment in the series!

This book is based off Competition and Entrepreneurship by Israel Kirzner.

#9: The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of the Future

In a world where dystopian fiction might seem too close to reality, Ethan and Emily learn that the fate of the future depends on thinking of ways we can work together peacefully, to build a better society without relying on coercion and the state.

This book is based off Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard.

#10: The Tuttle Twins and the Education Vacation

After hearing award-winning teacher John Taylor Gatto discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure to discover true education.

This book is based off The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto.

#11: The Tuttle Twins and the Messed Up Market

After making some money, the twins decide to loan it out to other kids like them in order to earn some interest—and in the process learn about risk, bailouts, subsidies, and what happens when their children’s market gets messed up.

This book is based off Human Action by Ludwig von Mises.

#12: The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis

Through a fun fantasy game, the twins learn how fear and ignorance lead to despots gaining power over us, and how the truth plays a pivotal role in defending our freedoms and helping other people succeed.

This book is based off Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs.

#13: The Tuttle Twins and the 12 Rules Boot Camp

Life doesn’t come with a manual, but there are some helpful rules that one can follow in their life to be set up for success. That’s something that the Tuttle twins have been taught by their parents— and something they teach to their Uncle Brock in their new adventure.

Inspired by the popular 12 Rules for Life written by Jordan Peterson, this story sees the twins organize a boot camp for Brock to help him see the power of these ideas—and how each of the ideas is like an ingredient that, when mixed together, can lead to great results!