One Size Fits All is a term in the retail industry denoting a garment that is oversized and nearly shapeless that can accommodate different body types and sizes. It has become a general term meaning one style or procedure that would work for many situations and people. It indicates standardization and is not designed to fit individual needs. This “one size fits all” approach, from an educational perspective, can be quite detrimental to some students.

The Dilemma

“One size fits all  “education assumes that all students learn the same way. It doesn’t allow for the student’s individualism and unique talents. In most public schools, students sit at desks, listening to teacher lectures, taking notes so they can study them later in the hopes that they can successfully pass their exams. This gives no room for different learning styles. Only the verbal learners benefit from this type of education!

The Role of The Educator

Educators need to understand their student’s academic needs, not just  follow a scripted curriculum.  Whether public school, home school, or something in between, educators need to remember that the learning environment needs to belong to the student.  The educator, be they a teacher or a parent, needs to acknowledge that they are merely the facilitator of learning.

This may sound unrealistic to a teacher with 30 students in her classroom. One of the best ways for teachers to better accommodate students is to allow (and welcome!) parent volunteers to come into the classroom to work with individual students at their own pace. Parent involvement is an untapped resource for classroom teachers and is under utilized.

Encouraging parent involvement in the classroom could ease the burdens of public school teachers and could certainly improve a student’s learning opportunities.

If your children are educated at home, you have the opportunity to spend time evaluating your child’s learning style and progress.  This can give them a head start on their education as they have the freedom to embrace their unique learning style.  This approach allows them to reach their full potential, not hindered by the  “one size fits all” approach to learning that public schools perpetuate.

Remember, you don’t have to replicate school at home!

The Role of the Parent

If you have children in public school make volunteering in your child’s classroom a priority.  Help identify their learning style at home in a calm, comfortable environment, and then help them replicate it at school. Your kids should always know that they are responsible for their learning, but that you will help them navigate difficult challenges.
As hard as you might try, you cannot make a child learn. But you can create in them a love of learning by making it fun and being a good example of learning yourself. Let your child catch you learning new things. Involve them in your learning so they understand that learning is a lifelong experience. When you unlock their learning style, give them opportunities to teach themselves and others!

Different Learning Styles








Looking at these seven different learning styles, it’s easy to see why only the verbal learners benefit much from the traditional teaching styles of public school. Some home schoolers attempt to create this same type of learning environment at home, only to find their child has the same troubles they had before starting homeschool.

This type of “one size fits all” education leaves out an overwhelming majority of learners. Spend some time with your kids to see how they react to being taught the way their brain works best.  It may take a bit to undo the traditional mindset, but it’s so worth it!

Your child will benefit in the long run and feel comfortable in their new-found learning style.

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