If you’re considering homeschooling your children, you’re not alone. In the United States, the homeschooling movement is growing every year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of homeschooled students in the U.S. has increased by more than 3% every year since 1999.

Today, there are more than 2 million homeschooled students in the United States, representing 5% of all students between the ages of 5 and 17. And that number is only expected to grow in the years to come. With so many families choosing to homeschool their children, it’s no wonder that states are becoming more and more homeschool-friendly.

If you’re thinking about homeschooling your child, you may be wondering which states are the most homeschool-friendly. Keep reading to find out which six states top the list.



1. Florida
Florida is one of the most popular states for homeschoolers, and it’s easy to see why. Florida’s homeschool laws are some of the most flexible in the country. There are very few reporting requirements for homeschooling families, and parents are free to choose any curriculum they wish. Homeschooled students in Florida even have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities and sports programs.

2. Texas
Like Florida, Texas has very few regulations when it comes to homeschooling. Families can choose any curriculum they want, and there are no mandatory standardized tests or progress reports required by the state. Homeschooled students in Texas also have access to a number of extracurricular activities, including sports leagues and 4-H clubs.

3. California
California may not be known for its relaxed regulations, but when it comes to homeschooling, the state is actually quite friendly. California requires that parents file an annual declaration of intent to homeschool with their local school district superintendent or charter school administrator. Other than that, though, there are no reporting requirements or standardized tests mandated by the state.

4. Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania’s homeschooling laws are similar to those in California; parents must submit an annual notice of intent to homeschool their child to their local school district superintendent, but other than that, there are no mandated regulations or tests. Homeschooled students in Pennsylvania also have access to a number of extracurricular activities through private clubs and organizations like the Keystone Homeschool Association Basketball League (KHABL) and Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (PACAS).

5. Utah
Utah is pretty much a slam-dunk for homeschool freedom. Parents simply have to sign an affidavit withdrawing their kids from school, and that’s it. No reporting, no checking in, no regulations or requirements.

6. Virginia
Last but not least on our list is Virginia, which has some of the most lenient home education laws in the country. Parents who wish to homeschool their children must notify their local school superintendent of their intent each year, but there are no required standardized tests or progress reports. Virginia also offers a plethora of extracurricular activities for homeschooled students through private clubs, organizations, and sports leagues like Charlottesville Area Riding Association (CARA), Metropolitan Ballet Theater & Academy (MBTA), and Midlothian Soccer Association (MSA) .



Deciding whether or not to homeschool your children is a big decision—one that should not be taken lightly. However, if you do decide that homeschooling is right for your family, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of states with laws that are friendly towards homeschoolers. There are also a lot of resources that make home education easier for parents. Like The Tuttle Twins award winning Free Market Rules! economics curriculum with age-specific lessons for grades 1-12, plus special content for parents to brush up on things they may have forgotten! Each of our 120 lessons include:



Homeschool doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a lot of resources that help parents make a smooth transition to their new, freedom-based life, and the Tuttle Twins are here to help.

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