Trump conviction

Running Naked to the Finish Line

In the last few years, the slur “conspiracy theorist” has evolved from a term of ridicule to a badge of honor. Yesterday’s Trump conviction proved the OG conspiracy theorist, Robert Welch, prophetic. In 1966, he said the conspirators would figuratively “run naked to the finish line to bridge the short gap between where they had taken mankind and the full tyranny of their dreams.” Now, I’m not the biggest Trump fan. I think he screwed up in some big ways as president, not the least being his COVID responses, Operation Warp Speed, and the corresponding inflationary “rescue plan”. The worst is the pride he maintains about those abominations that he holds onto even now.  But it’s absolutely clear that his drawing attention to the unelected bureaucrats who have actually been running our government for the last 70 years—the swamp and the deep state—have put him in the crosshairs. We saw

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Connor's license plate

End the Fed! (It’s on my license plate…)

I’ve had enough of the corruption and the harm the Fed has caused. It has eroded the value of our currency by a staggering 97%, caused harmful economic booms and busts, and picked economic winners and losers instead of letting the free market decide.

Henry David Thoreau once said that for every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, only one person is striking the root. The Fed is the root cause of most of our economic problems. We need to strike it—end the Fed.

It’s wild that such a powerful organization has controlled so much… so secretly… for so long. Central planning always fails. The Fed is just a group of unelected officials making economic decisions in a closed room, imposing their will on all of us. We need a truly free market, and we won’t have one while the Fed’s in charge.

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When I Say “Homemaker,” Act Like a Chicken

Years ago I was coaxed into attending a hypnosis comedy show. I had never experienced nor even been witness to hypnotism, and I wondered if it was even real. Not long into the act, the hypnotist invited the audience to participate in a group demonstration in which he would persuade us that our hands were stuck together. I remember vividly the moment I learned that hypnosis was real. My hands were indeed stuck together. I did not enjoy the feeling of being out of control of my mind and body, and it took me a few seconds to snap myself out of the spell. For the next hour or so, I observed a dozen semi-voluntary participants subjected to numerous humiliating hypnotic tricks. One was the classic bit, “When you hear the phrase (insert trigger), you will act like a chicken.” Honestly, I didn’t enjoy that experience as comedy, or even

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Work hard and be nice to people

Seinfeld and the Defense of Privilege

Do you think people should be ashamed of their privilege? Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t, and I agree with him. He took some time to defend privilege during his commencement speech at Duke—more on that below. Privilege used to mean having certain advantages in life like money, connections, or opportunities. Well, technically, it still does mean that. But in recent years, some have twisted the definition to mean you are born with or without privilege. According to them, privilege is determined by your race, your gender, or who you love. Apparently it’s not about the effort you put in… it’s been reduced to a demographic lottery you won or lost. Many parents work hard to give their children every advantage in life to succeed. It takes effort, and parents love seeing that they are able to give their children a better life than they had. Maybe you can relate to this. But

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The State Can’t Win Against Strong Families

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately—how it seems more and more that the family is under attack in media, in politics, in schools, and within the legal system. Nearly everywhere you look you can find examples of anti-family messaging. I, of course, don’t believe this is an accident. The late philosopher and theologian Michael Novak summed it up well when he said that, “Between the omnipotent State and the naked individual looms the first line of resistance against totalitarianism: the economically and politically independent family.” This profound statement encapsulates a fundamental truth about the fabric of our society and the pivotal role families play in preserving freedom and individuality against the ever-encroaching tide of totalitarianism. In our increasingly complex world, where the tentacles of the State often seek to envelop every facet of our lives, it’s imperative that we recognize and bolster the family unit as the bedrock

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Davos 2024: A Leviathan in the Alps

Imagine, if you will, a gathering of nearly 3,000 elites in the frosty, Swiss Alps—politicians, bureaucrats, business moguls, and the like, sipping on hot cocoa and discussing how to steer the future of the world. Yep, it’s that time again—the annual soiree of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. It sounds like the setting of a Bond movie, only the plot is less about espionage and more about… well, here are some of the initiatives: Rebuilding Trust and Cooperation The theme this year was about rebuilding trust. I guess maybe they’ve finally noticed that people have caught on to some of their shenanigans since they planned “The Great Reset” around covid, and view them as less than trustworthy. The UN Secretary-General, the Premier of China, and other luminaries of freedom and individual rights waxed eloquent about discarding prejudice and bridging differences. Yet, as they discuss global cooperation barometers and

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