Sometimes parents are hesitant to start homeschooling because they worry that it will be a financial investment to keep their kids entertained, learning, and happy. The good news is that a lot of super-educational activities are also fun and very inexpensive—often even free!—and most can be done without having to even leave the neighborhood. Check out these ideas: 














You see! There is plenty to do at home without having to spend a ton of money. All you need is some creativity, and an adventurous spirit!

Speaking of creativity, did you know that the Tuttle Twins economics curriculum, Free Market Rules, includes lessons for everyone in the family (including mom and dad!) and comes with loads of hands-on family activities, plus dinner conversation starters? Part of successful homeschooling is creating a culture of learning in your family, so we offer a ton of family-friendly books, lessons, and activities to help you create the ideal environment for lifelong learning and fun!



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