Teach Free Market Principles to Your Children, 50% OFF!

Our award-winning curriculum helps parents and children of all ages learn the nuts and bolts of free markets and the ideas of a free society. Each of our 120 lessons have materials to explain the economic concept and includes:

  • Introductory content for parents to learn about the week’s concept
  • Lesson or activity for young children
  • Lesson or activity for older children
  • Dinner conversation starters for the entire family
  • “Go deeper” material for those who want to learn even more


Free Market Rules, step by step

Here’s a preview of some of the concepts your children will learn…

Needs and Wants

They're different, and important to distinguish. How can we prioritize what is necessary vs. what isn't?

Why We Act

The choices we make show what matters to us. Each of us can work hard for the things we really want.

Trade Increases Wealth

The more people can work together and trade their things, the more prosperous our society becomes.

Scarcity and Value

When an item is hard to find or make, its value increases. Why does that matter when shopping?

What Creates Value?

Whether something has value or not is subjective—each of us have different preferences and priorities.

What's an Entrepreneur?

Our lives improve when people are free to create the goods and services that can benefit us.

Cyber Monday Curriculum Bundle

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Our award-winning economic curriculum helps children of all ages learn about the free market. This Cyber Monday Deal contains all 30 units, printed in three spiral-bound bundles. Each unit has 4 lessons. So you’ll get all 120 lessons in total. 

Scroll down to see a sample lesson! Each lesson contains:

  1. Quick introductory content for parents to get up to speed on that week’s concept
  2. Lesson or activity for young children
  3. Lesson or activity for older children
  4. Discussion prompts for the entire family
  5. “Go deeper” material for those who want to learn even more

In our Cyber Monday Deal you will also receive ALL of these units in digital form as well. And even better, we’re also throwing in each of our lengthy Parent Guides to help you step by step as a family.

Each of our units centers around a specific question. Here are the topics for the entire curriculum:

  1. Do you really need that?
  2. What makes something useful?
  3. Why can’t you always get what you want?
  4. Can you have your cake and eat it too?
  5. Why do people do what they do?
  6. Where does value come from?
  7. Where does value go?
  8. Why do people produce certain things?
  9. How does production create wealth?
  10. What are the costs of trade?
  11. How do we trade?
  12. What does money do?
  13. What should money be?
  14. How do we decide what to buy?
  15. What determines demand?
  16. How do we decide what to sell?
  17. How do supply and demand work together?
  18. What’s the price of time?
  19. How do banks work?
  20. What is Keynesianism?
  21. What can central banks do to our money?
  22. How do boom and bust cycles actually work?
  23. How does a business work?
  24. What is a monopoly?
  25. What are taxes?
  26. How do people from different countries trade?
  27. How do people invest their money?
  28. How do people make political decisions?
  29. What’s the best economic system?
  30. How can we use economics?

Each of our lessons are presented in a kid-friendly format — with material both for younger and older children — so that your kids will understand the basics of free markets and specific ideas that will help them understand how the world really works!

Cyber Monday Deal

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  • Digital Parent Guides for each lesson
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Want to see a sample?

Download Unit 1 Lesson 1 in its entirety—along with the corresponding content from the parent guide. It’s a free sample for you to see the format and style we use!

Christina R.
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We really enjoy the curriculum. I love the family conversation style. My husband and 18-year-old graduate participate in the conversations as well, which I think is very enriching for my middle schoolers.
Lisa L.
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We are using this curriculum in our homeschool and we LOVE it! It is very well designed and makes it simple to teach students of various ages at the same time. We have the Tuttle Twins books and we enjoy them. This curriculum, however, is FAR more extensive. I highly recommend!
Carolyn H.
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Really enjoying these lessons and hapy with the latest Tuttle Twins purchase as always. Just finished lesson 3 last night. It's surprising the conversations we've already had with our 6 year old!