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Why Should You Choose Tuttle Toddler Books?

  • Foundational Learning: These books introduce young minds to essential concepts like numbers and letters, setting a strong foundation for future academic success.
  • Educational Entertainment: With engaging illustrations and simplified explanations, they make learning fun, fostering a love for books and knowledge from an early age.
  • Complex Ideas Made Simple: The books break down complex topics like economics and the Bill of Rights into digestible, child-friendly concepts, making them accessible to even the youngest readers.
  • Quality Family Time: Reading these books together provides an excellent opportunity for bonding and shared learning experiences between parents and their toddlers.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: By introducing new words and their definitions, the books help expand a toddler’s vocabulary and language skills.
  • Values and History: They incorporate valuable lessons on liberty, innovation, and American history, instilling important values and awareness of their heritage in young readers.

The Tuttle Toddlers Books have Two Series:

The Tuttle Toddlers 123s

These extremely cute (and highly educational) board books cover three ideas: innovation, economics, and the Bill of Rights. Each book walks through the numbers 1-10 to introduce new words and their definitions, alongside some cute illustrations!

The Tuttle Toddlers ABCs

Our original series covers three powerful topics: economics, liberty, and the American Revolution. We break down these complex ideas into simple concepts with entertaining illustrations so your little one — and you— will learn and have fun together!

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Here are some sample pages of the books

Here are some sample pages of the books

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Meet the Author

Connor Boyack is founder and president of Libertas Institute, a free market think tank in Utah. Named one of Utah’s most politically influential people by The Salt Lake Tribune, Connor’s leadership has led to dozens of legislative victories spanning a wide range of areas such as privacy, government transparency, property rights, entrepreneurship, education, personal freedom, and more.

A public speaker and author of over two dozen books, Connor is best known for The Tuttle Twins books, a children’s series introducing young readers to economic, political, and civic principles.

Connor lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and two homeschooled children

Meet the Illustrator

Elijah Stanfield is owner of Red House Motion Imaging, a media production company in Washington.

A longtime student of Austrian economics, history, and the classical liberal philosophy, Elijah has dedicated much of his time and energy to promoting the ideas of free markets and individual liberty. Some of his more notable works include producing eight videos in support of Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential candidacy. He currently resides in Richland, Washington, with his wife April and their five children.