7 Ways to Ensure Your Child is Browsing Safely

Do you know where your kids are? School is in session, and your kids will be surfing the web for homework and social interactions. Whether it’s homework, gaming, checking social media, or casual browsing, your kids are at risk for cyberbullying and identity theft. Here are a few frightening facts about your child’s internet safety, […]

5 Shocking Moments From PTA and School Board Meetings

It’s no secret that many school districts across the country have left the concept of learning far behind in their national struggle to exert authority over kids and parents alike. President Biden’s claim at the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year made it plain what many parents already knew: all kids are up […]

Sex, Drugs, and War: How to Talk to Your Kids about Difficult Subjects

With so many opinions and personal beliefs being passed off as “hard facts” on both sides of the political spectrum, parents are frequently caught in the middle of some pretty tough topics of conversation. How do you maintain balance if your child is being taught things that you, as a parent, don’t fully agree with? […]

How Does the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Keep Kids Safe?

Your child is online constantly, visiting sites and posting on social media. Every site they visit potentially collects data on your kids, often without their knowledge. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act was created to protect kids while they are online, and keep them from oversharing personal information.  What exactly is COPPA, and how does […]

7 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Responsibility

There’s no doubt that many kids today feel entitled to consequence-free decisions and actions. Concerned parents share the common goal of raising kids to accept responsibility in a world that rewards minimal effort with zero consequences. How can parents make a stand and raise morally conscious and responsible kids? Here are 7 simple ways to […]

Thinking of Moving? 8 Questions to Ask Potential Local Schools

Did you know that moving is considered the most stressful event in your life? According to a Fox News survey, 45% of respondents said that moving tops many events on the stress meter, including divorce. One anxiety-inducing moving stressor involves choosing a new school for your kids. How do you know the school respects your […]

Have Public Schools Improved as a Result of the Pandemic?

The pandemic has upended many ways of life, and arguably, education has been one of the hardest hit areas. Many children struggled to keep up with online curriculums, schools were often re-opening then shutting down again, and both parents and educators were left frustrated trying to manage environments where working parents, school, and home life […]