268. Who’s In Charge of What We Learn in Public School?

Right now, there is a battle going on between government teachers who think they should decide what children should be taught in schools. But kids do not belong to the government, and only families can make this decision. Food pyramid episode  Education Vacation

263. What is Cancel Culture?

Imagine losing your job, friends, and your reputation just because you said something someone else disagrees with. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more these days thanks to a phenomenon called ‘”cancel culture.”

262. What Is The Social Contract? Part II-Covid Edition

There are many who believe the social contract obligates individuals to act a certain way. For example, many are pushing people to get vaccinated because it is “their duty to protect their community.” But this is a flawed way of thinking that is anti individualism.

261. What’s Going on In Australia

For as bas as the US lockdowns have been, Australia has taken quarantine to extreme levels, monitoring their people and not letting them out of their homes.

259. How Many Times Has The Government Lied?

The government has lied to us so many times, it’s almost hard to count. Today, Emma and Brittany talk about just a few of the ways they have lied and hurt individuals as a result.  

258. What Was The Holocaust?

Continuing the WWII series, Connor and Brittany discuss the tragedy of the holocaust and how an out-of-control government made this horrific event possible.