534. What Is Egalitarianism?

Connor and Brittany are back with another “ism” episode, this time they dive into “egalitarianism” and how it has been used to push dangerous socialist agendas.  

531. Should You Ever Do Work for Free?

As you get started in your career, there are opportunities, like internships, where you may be expected to work for free. Is it ever a good thing to give your work away for free?  

529. What Is Going on in Israel?

The entire world is talking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. But what is the conflict about? And is there anything the rest of the world can do?  

528. What’s Going On with Ukraine?

It’s been over a year since the situation between Russia and Ukraine reached a boiling point. But what is happening now? And what role is the U.S. playing in the conflict? Should we be playing any role at all?