Elon Musk Takes on the Thought Police

Over the past week, we internet users were given a rare treat in the form of media honesty. The subject? Just how stupid the mainstream media thinks we are. This came courtesy of Elon Musk, who made a $43 Billion offer to buy Twitter, taking the social media behemoth private. This offer, given Twitter’s struggles […]

The Messed Up World of “Covid Relief”

Us taxpayers fund a lot of crazy things, don’t we? From the $400,000 camel statue to the infamous $2 million bathroom… we’ve seen plenty of examples over the years of government waste and mismanagement. And recently, with pandemic relief money raining down from D.C., state and local governments have had an opportunity like never before to think up new projects. And […]

There’s Nothing More Tribalistic than War

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to unfold, the rhetoric surrounding the war seems to get stronger by the day. Just when you think the politicians have exhausted their supply of condemnations, they come back with more for our consumption. The remarks are, in many cases, deserved. Putin’s actions are deeply immoral, and they ought to […]

“Don’t Say Gay” and the Anti-Parenting Movement

Have you heard? Ron DeSantis is outlawing saying the word “gay” in Florida! One caveat, though—the bill, which is expected to be signed by DeSantis any day now, doesn’t actually mention the word “gay” at all. Or ban anyone from using any adjectives of the sort… At least, not if you actually read the text. […]

The Tuttle Twins, Modern Propaganda, and a True Conspiracy

This week marks 60 years since a horrifying conspiracy was attempted against the American people. On March 13th, 1962, our top military leaders formally proposed killing Americans and blaming it on Cuba, inciting domestic panic and outrage.  Their ultimate goal? To drum up support for military intervention in Cuba. The official memorandum—which you can and […]

The Tuttle Twins in Ukraine

It’s been a scary week, to say the least. From around the world, we’ve watched in horror as Putin-led Russia launched a military assault on Ukraine. Across news stations, the chilling sounds of bomb sirens and explosions could be heard in live dispatches from Kyiv and across Eastern Europe. Videos of fighter jets, missiles, and […]

Petty Tyrants, Frozen Bank Accounts, and Jekyll Island

This last Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history. By setting this law in motion, the Canadian government essentially suspends its citizens’ civil liberties for 30 days. According to the books, the act can only be invoked under an “urgent and critical situation” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety […]

How to Not Raise a Book-Burner

This week, the internet was treated to a viral video of high schoolers “de-colonizing” their school library. “Taking this school’s curriculum into our own hands,” the young activists captioned, as dozens of books by white authors were gleefully pulled from shelves and tossed into dumpsters by several teenage students. Titles included The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers, Stock Market […]

What the Cancel-Culture Scolds Can Teach Us

Last week, I shared a few thoughts on an attempted cancellation of Joe Rogan by a few musicians and pundits. As many of you may know, since I sent that newsletter, the plot has thickened quite a bit. It all centers around a highlight reel of Rogan’s most offensive comments over the last 10 years, […]

Canada Truckers “Freedom Convoy”

Been one heck of a week, hasn’t it? For starters, Canadian truckers and their “Freedom Convoy” have mounted a stunning protest against the draconian Covid rules forced by Justin Trudeau and his band of lower-government cronies. In fact, so many trucks have joined the ever-growing convoy (to the tune of more than 50,000), it broke the world record […]