A Wake-Up Call From the Land Down Under

Have you seen what’s going on in Australia? If not, let me paint the picture for you: this country has some of the strictest lockdown rules in the world right now. For starters, two of Australia’s largest states are testing out an app that would force citizens to check in by sending location data and […]

Biden, Vaccine Tyranny, and Your Family

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced a new executive order. Its core demand was that businesses with 100 or more employees require vaccination of their workforce against Covid-19. Many of us have been warning about such a stroke of tyranny for a long time… even so, it’s pretty horrifying to see our most cynical predictions become a […]

Can State Governments Stop Local Tyranny?

If you care about freedom as much as I do, you probably have a negative knee-jerk reaction when the government tries to ban things. We’ve been given no shortage of reasons to feel that way. When politicians and bureaucrats come up with new ways to “fix” our communities, they tend to do nothing but waste […]

Turns Out, Twitter Socialists Really Hate the Tuttle Twins

A few months ago, the Tuttle Twins team filmed a new social media ad. In it, a young boy in a soviet-esque fur hat spits communist talking points in a fake Russian accent. His mother bemoans the indoctrination of kids with far-left ideology and talks about how great the Tuttle Twins books are at teaching […]

The Public School Plot to Revolutionize Your Kids

One of the most powerful influences on our children is their teachers. An educator, with their access to kids and control over what they learn, has a unique ability to shape the future. And this week has revealed some terrifying insights into how public school teachers view their power. Cecily Myart-Cruz is the President of […]

My Favorite Socialist Magazine Gets a Taste of Socialism

If you’ve been getting these emails for a while, you might remember that time a socialist magazine tried to make fun of us… and accidentally caused a huge spike in our book sales. For any newsletter newcomers, a brief refresher: Current Affairs is a self-proclaimed socialist publication. Last fall, they wrote a hit piece on […]

Ron Paul Was Right… Again.

It’s not easy to watch the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan this week. With the Taliban claiming control of Kabul, stripping Afghan citizens of their most basic rights, and putting thousands of American diplomats and citizens in harm’s way, it’s hard to resist the urge to want to do something to fix this. After all, the […]

Cheers to 50 Years of Shock

This Sunday will mark 50 years since President Richard Nixon ushered in a new era of government control. On August 15th, 1971, the then-President announced a plan for a “New Economic Policy.” This included executive orders for 10% surcharges on imported goods and freezes on wages and prices. Worst of all, it ended the liquidity […]

Lockdown 2.0 and the Homeschooling Surge

I hope you’re ready for Lockdown 2.0…because it’s coming whether we like it or not. How do I know? For starters, Dr. Fauci is claiming the U.S. won’t enter another lockdown, while using the same breath to spread fear about “super-infectious” Delta and Lambda variants. Judging by the flip-flops and gaslighting the government has put […]

On Vaccination and Free Will

There are millions of people who’ve decided to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Perhaps they have pre-existing conditions that increase their chances of suffering complications from the virus. Maybe they’re in close contact with someone elderly. Or they could just be fed up, ready for the lockdowns to end. Regardless of their reasoning, I respect the […]