CNN is rewriting history. Again.

people say we live in a republic. CNN loses it.

Happy Friday!  I think I may have just seen the thing that ends any argument about CNN being any type of legitimate news outlet.  They recently aired a “people on the street” style segment where they asked Trump supporters if the United States is a democracy. Predictably, these folks said no, explaining that we are […]

Why Dads (and Boys) Matter More Than Ever

dad with sons

Happy Friday! And Happy Father’s Day! Are you old enough to remember when TV dads were portrayed as pillars of wisdom and strength? Characters like Ward Cleaver, Mike Brady, and Andy Griffith set the standard for fatherhood with their level heads and respectability. They were the people their kids could always go to for sage […]

What do all dystopian stories have in common?

what do all dystopian stories have in common

 Whoaaaa, we’re halfway there…  Speaking of things that rocked in the ’80s (and still do), remember how good the movies used to be?  A few months ago, I talked about how films like The Goonies and The Lost Boys helped kids like me grow up thinking that we could literally do anything so long as we had some good […]

Hey! Teachers! Leave our kids alone!

parental rights written on chalkboard

I don’t think anyone receiving this email would argue against the observation that there are concerted efforts by people most of us would consider the “bad guys” to influence and shape the minds of our children. A recent study by the Pew Research Center highlights a significant trend: birthrates among left-leaning individuals are lower than […]

Fauci speaks to Congress. Will he be held accountable?

Trust science or the scientist?

Isn’t it frustrating being accused of not believing in science because you dare to question things? For several years, those who challenged the government’s COVID response have been wrongly labeled anti-science, selfish, and uncaring… even accused of wanting people to die. But let’s set the record straight: questioning the narrative (especially from government scientists) is the […]

End the Fed! (It’s on my license plate…)

Connor's license plate

I’ve had enough of the corruption and the harm the Fed has caused. It has eroded the value of our currency by a staggering 97%, caused harmful economic booms and busts, and picked economic winners and losers instead of letting the free market decide.

Henry David Thoreau once said that for every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, only one person is striking the root. The Fed is the root cause of most of our economic problems. We need to strike it—end the Fed.

It’s wild that such a powerful organization has controlled so much… so secretly… for so long. Central planning always fails. The Fed is just a group of unelected officials making economic decisions in a closed room, imposing their will on all of us. We need a truly free market, and we won’t have one while the Fed’s in charge.

Seinfeld and the Defense of Privilege

Work hard and be nice to people

Do you think people should be ashamed of their privilege? Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t, and I agree with him. He took some time to defend privilege during his commencement speech at Duke—more on that below. Privilege used to mean having certain advantages in life like money, connections, or opportunities. Well, technically, it still does mean that. […]